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  1. Site URL: https://gecko-plantain-cstw.squarespace.com/#/what-we-do Hi - I desperately need some help making the 'Bespoke Digital Strategy for Visionary Brands & Artists' GIF bigger on mobile please? It looks great on desktop - but it's so small on mobile. Can someone help please? My deadline for this site is today and I've been stuck on this for a couple of days! Website - https://gecko-plantain-cstw.squarespace.com/ Password - handmademedia2020 Thanks so much 🙂
  2. Update - I've done the rounded borders but I don't understand how to keep the header within the rounded border box? If i place the ## Header within the {} it doesn't work at all and just shows as normal text. Help please - thank you 🙂
  3. Can someone help me on getting rounded corner borders on 'Our Special Area's for me? I have tried all sorts of bits but I can't seem to marry up the code within markup box and custom css box. I would also like to know how I can include the header within the box and make it <h2> - I can't seem to do this either. website - https://gecko-plantain-cstw.squarespace.com/#/what-we-do password - handmademedia2020 Thanks 🙂
  4. Site URL: https://gecko-plantain-cstw.squarespace.com/config/design Please could I get some help resizing icons that can be found under 'Our Approach' on mobile. They are showing fine on desktop, but massive on mobile - guessing this needs a bit of code to sort? Any help would be much appreciated. URL is: https://gecko-plantain-cstw.squarespace.com/config/design password is: handmademedia2020 Thanks! Ruby
  5. Hi @rwp - sorry didn't see your comment. Here is an example of what I mean - if you view on mobile there is alot of white space showing under the tracks within the iframe. https://www.planetsyz.com/onru001 any help on how to remove this would be great! Thanks 🙂
  6. OK - I have one more question @rwp - do you know how to remove this white space that showing underneath the player on this page on mobile only: https://plantain-icosahedron-rn87.squarespace.com/config/pages on desktop it looks totally fine, but on mobile there's all this blank white space Thanks!
  7. YES - thank you @rwp - first issue is now sorted, thanks for that. I'll have a look at the second one now 🙂
  8. I have done the same thing on this page - https://plantain-icosahedron-rn87.squarespace.com/config/pages but it's worked perfectly, so i'm confused as to why it's not working on one page!
  9. @rwp - ah OK - I just tried that and it also looked fine on mobile, but still way too big on mobile. I'm so stuck! Perhaps it's something I can edit from the custom css area? At current, this CSS is in therre: } iframe { width: 100%; height: 100%; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; background: none; border: 0px; display: block; }}
  10. @rwp - sorry which page are you referring to here? I asked for help on two pages 🙂 Thanks!
  11. @rwp - sorry, it's now live! I've actually figured it out, but I'm having a problem with 2 pages in particular. https://www.planetsyz.com/mindforms - this embedded player looks perfect on desktop, but awful on mobile. I have tried setting the width to 100% (which works on all of the others pages) but when I do that, it looks perfect on mobile and TINY on desktop! I also have https://www.planetsyz.com/sound-design which is showing perfectly on desktop, but the embedded videos are showing tiny on mobile. Any ideas on these? Thanks so much!
  12. Site URL: https://plantain-icosahedron-rn87.squarespace.com/config/design Hey - Please could someone help me resize the iframes I have embedded on this site? There are numerous iframes and they show fine on desktop but way too long lengthways on mobile. Cannot seem to find the right code anywhere!! Thank you!
  13. @tuanphan ahhh i see - I need to change colours only for the dropdown menu items underneath 'Portfolio' The top nav is fine like that, I just need to be able to differentiate the different Portfolio items when someone hovers over them. I hope that makes sense? Thanks 🙂
  14. @tuanphan thank you but it's not working - it's only making the top menu item (poetry) disappear which i'm guessing is making that black. The rest, nothing is happening with? Thank you 🙂
  15. Hey @tuanphan - here is the url - https://bagpipe-squid-gspa.squarespace.com/ password is hello2020 Thank you 🙂 I also have another 2 x sites that I need to know how to do this for, so would be great if you could show me in a way that I can replicate. Thanks!
  16. @tuanphan I believe this is what I need too - I just want to differentiate a menu item when the mouse if hovering over it. The site I am working on isn't live yet, how can I show you? Thanks!
  17. @tuanphan yep sure - thank you! Shall i share with a password right?
  18. Hi - I would love some help on highlight some folder drop downs if possible? I have a 'My Work' page with 4 x portfolios under that. I would like each portfolio name to have a separate colour so that they are easily differentiated when browsing. Screenshot attached - the different pages are: Poetry Performance / Theatre Producing & Project Management Commissions & Current Projects Can someone help with this please? Thanks! 🙂
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