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  1. Site URL: https://www.handmademedia.co/ Hi I am having major issues working out why I am not able to go from this page https://www.handmademedia.co/jobs back to ANY of the top nav menu items which are all anchor links. When i click on Our Approach for example, it simply adds on the #ourapproach. I have pages that are linked from the 'Jobs' page too like this one: https://www.handmademedia.co/social-media-assistant-community-manager which should also go back to any point of the homepage by clicking on the top nav menu - but again, the same problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm completely stuck! Thank you! Ruby
  2. Site URL: https://www.handmademedia.co/jobs Hi - Wondering if someone could help me please - I have just added this page https://www.handmademedia.co/jobs but from here, I am not able to click on any of the menu items to jump to that page. It's something to do with path but I can't work out how to fix it. I need to be able to click on any of the top menu nav to go to that part of the page 😕 Thank you for your help! Ruby 🙂
  3. Thank you so much @tuanphan - that worked perfectly!
  4. Hi @tuanphan I'm also having the same issue with the logo being huge in the footer - please can you help: http://www.assembletalent.com/ Thanks 🙂
  5. I'm having the same issue here with the logo being huge on mobile - @tuanphan can you help me please? 🙂 Site was made live this morning - doh! http://www.assembletalent.com/ Thanks!
  6. Site URL: https://grouse-chartreuse-cjcr.squarespace.com/ Help please 🙂 I can't work out how to add a code snippet to above a gallery section? I want to the menu to anchor down to certain parts of the site and i'm stuck on the gallery section. I don't have the option to add code to this area. 'What We Do' should anchor down to the first gallery section showing icons and service names. Site is: https://grouse-chartreuse-cjcr.squarespace.com/ Password is: hello Thanks!
  7. Hi @tuanphan - sorry try the below: password: hello Thank you - appreciate your help!
  8. Hi @tuanphan - thanks 🙂 https://grouse-chartreuse-cjcr.squarespace.com/config/settings/site-visibility Password is: Assemble Thanks
  9. Hi @tuanphan - I am also having issues with getting my descriptions on gallery centered - could you help please? https://grouse-chartreuse-cjcr.squarespace.com/#contact#contact It's the first orange section with the icons - you'll see that the captions are on the left. I have managed to change the font and size but I cannot get these centered. Any help would be massively appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Site URL: https://gecko-plantain-cstw.squarespace.com/#/what-we-do Hi - I desperately need some help making the 'Bespoke Digital Strategy for Visionary Brands & Artists' GIF bigger on mobile please? It looks great on desktop - but it's so small on mobile. Can someone help please? My deadline for this site is today and I've been stuck on this for a couple of days! Website - https://gecko-plantain-cstw.squarespace.com/ Password - handmademedia2020 Thanks so much 🙂
  11. Update - I've done the rounded borders but I don't understand how to keep the header within the rounded border box? If i place the ## Header within the {} it doesn't work at all and just shows as normal text. Help please - thank you 🙂
  12. Can someone help me on getting rounded corner borders on 'Our Special Area's for me? I have tried all sorts of bits but I can't seem to marry up the code within markup box and custom css box. I would also like to know how I can include the header within the box and make it <h2> - I can't seem to do this either. website - https://gecko-plantain-cstw.squarespace.com/#/what-we-do password - handmademedia2020 Thanks 🙂
  13. Site URL: https://gecko-plantain-cstw.squarespace.com/config/design Please could I get some help resizing icons that can be found under 'Our Approach' on mobile. They are showing fine on desktop, but massive on mobile - guessing this needs a bit of code to sort? Any help would be much appreciated. URL is: https://gecko-plantain-cstw.squarespace.com/config/design password is: handmademedia2020 Thanks! Ruby
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