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  1. Thanks @tuanphan I used @bangank36 code for the desktop and some tips from another youtube video to tailor the nobile view as below, which works fine so far in my testing. Just finishing off my first blog so will get a couple of friends to test out before publishing to make sure the page works on different devices /* center blog google embedded map */ .sqs-block-content iframe { margin: 0 auto; display: block; width: 100%; } /* make blog google map size smaller on mobile screen*/ @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) { .sqs-block-content iframe { margin: 0 auto; display: block; width: 80%; height: 50vh!important; } }
  2. Thanks again bangank36, that works and i appreciate the fast reply
  3. Can i also check if there is a way to do this with one entry for all google maps rather than individually using their block ids? I can't work out the specific embed-block identifier to use.
  4. bangank36 thank very much for this. I have searching for the css for this for 2 days and this works perfectly.
  5. Site URL: https://www.ivanokyereboakye.com/landscape-street-urban-travel-stock-photography-gallery/america-west-coast Is there a way to dynamically set the width and height of images in Grid Masonry on desktop so landscape images fit to the available browser window space i.e. the full landscape or portrait image is visible in the browser area without scrolling up or down? When I launched my website about 3 months ago I couldn’t work out how to do that when using 1 column in Grid Masonry as portrait images in particular were oversized and only showing 2/3rds of the image in the browser area, so need to scroll down to see the rest. I therefore set it up with 2 columns as although not perfect it meant the portrait images were 90% visible on laptops and 100% on desktop monitor screens. At that time the mobile view was fine as would only show 1 image (not the 2 per row as on desktop) and the portrait ones were 100% visible. I have however seen over the last week that Squarespace appear to have changed things now so setting 2 columns on the desktop also shows as 2 columns on the mobile which is terrible. See this page as example https://www.ivanokyereboakye.com/landscape-street-urban-travel-stock-photography-gallery/america-west-coast I have temporarily set all other gallery pages (apart from the one above) to 1 column for now to keep the mobile view as single images per row, however need to find a way to reduce the desktop ones as the portrait images are too large. https://www.ivanokyereboakye.com/landscape-street-urban-travel-stock-photography-gallery/latest-update Ideally I would like to have it with 1 column on both desktop and mobile view, however if it is not possible to reduce the desktop width and height, is there a way to go back to my previous set up of 2 columns on the desktop but custom code the mobile view to only show 1 image per row? Thanks Ivan
  6. having same issue which happens when viewing using a mobile phone. However it doesn't happen when checking it on desktop using the mobile preview view
  7. wanted one for Alamy but fontawesome doesn't have it as one of their icons. Would you be able to show me so i know how to do either way for future: 1) how to insert a fontawesome icon using for example the flickr one (just so i know how to do it for next time) https://fontawesome.com/v4.7.0/icon/flickr 2) how to do using this created image https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5df7b9c2c15c2c1fc90f169e/5e493f3287b2ad50b4671632/5e4945ac96cdbe0b668d97c0/1581860294931/Alamy+logo_v1.0.png?format=500w thanks
  8. Hi Tuanphan my above email may give the wrong message as what I meant was that i had corrected the incorrect password so London2019 now works. I still need help with customising the generic social link icon. thanks
  9. Hi Tuanphan, yes used a combination of the below which may be longwinded but works fine Code injection for the portfolio pages <style> .sqs-block-html {margin-top:0.5vh; margin-bottom:0vh !important; } </style> <style> .portfolio-grid-overlay { padding-top: 1.0vw !important; } </style> <style> .page-section.vertical-alignment--top:not(.content-collection):not(.gallery-section):not(.section-height--custom).section-height--small>.content-wrapper { padding-bottom: 1vmax !important; } </style> Custom CSS for all pages /* decrease footer height */ .page-section[data-section-id="5e404b652c320258133c629c"] { min-height: 0vh !important; }
  10. Thanks. Site is https://purple-chinchilla-4bnr.squarespace.com/ and password London2019. Link is in the footer for each page. I haven't added the code yet. And if you can explain how to add the icon as well that would be great. Will look up how to use FontAwesome Icon as not come across that so far.
  11. Hi i have added a social link to my Alamy site on my website but it comes up with the generic squarespace link icon. I have found some mentions on the forum about being able to change the icon image with css and linking it to a flaticon but i can't see the actual css or process to follow, so would be grateful for some suggestions.
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