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  1. In desktop mode it is going to checkout normally, it just happens to not be clickable on mobile devices. If they are not clickable it does not make sense to have the button there, so customers are unable to complete the purchase. Thanks for trying to help... 🙏
  2. Ops... doing a test I noticed that the cart button appears in the upper right corner but it is not "clickable". Any idea what I can do @rwp?
  3. Hey @rwp the code worked perfectly! 😃 Thank you very much... 🙏 Thanks also @tuanphan! 🙂 If I'm not asking for too much, something I lacked was to be able to make my gallery block on the homepage always resize regardless of any device or screen. I've worked a lot on researching this and wanted to keep this size without side borders. Can you help me?
  4. Hey @tuanphan thanks for trying to help. I have already disabled the right-click lock code. 🙏
  5. Site URL: https://www.dextersupplier.com/ Hey guys... I would like to ask your help to move the cart icon out of the hamburger menu in the mobile version, as i propose in the images. I wanted the cart fixed in the upper right corner, opposite the hamburger menu. Thanks to anyone who can help... 🙏
  6. I believe that this is today one of the mishaps that costs Squarespace a lot ... in countries like India, Brazil, Indonesia, Colombia, Portugal, Spain, Italy and even the USA, which is currently the 3rd in the list of users of the application there must be thousands of customers who give up subscribing to Squarespace just for this reason. Here in Portugal is the first question from the people that I present Squarespace, always! Whatsapp is the world's largest messaging app and all of Squarespace's competition has this option for customers, we don't have to wait a lifetime for this and limit
  7. The same problem for Portugal. Some limitations of Squarespace are even ridiculous, the competition is far ahead in some aspects. Is anyone here to observe these complaints?
  8. Hey @xcskier56 ! Did you get a solution? I have a problem similar to yours. I have a product listing (almost 1500 items) that was edited on Google Sheets and now when I import the CSV from this listing the paragraph formatting doesn't appear in Squarespace, I didn't want to have to edit item by item in Squarespace. 😞
  9. @Caballero I also agree, Whatsapp is crucial in any WebStore today... let's make this post a complaint and send the link here to give more attention.
  10. Hello @poke , I saw that you got what you wanted. I wanted to do the same on my website... can you help me?
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