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  1. Has anyone managed to run this? What I would like was the possibility of having a block with randomized products, even if it was from different pages using tags or categories. But if you can at least help with a block that transits the products without having to click on the arrows, it would be interesting.
  2. Hello @derricksrandomviews It's done, something simple kept me from getting it but I finally got it... Thanks for always being willing to help. 🙏
  3. The snow effect does not stand out from a gallery block that I have as a banner for my site, it works across the page but at the top (which is where the visualization is most important) it is below this gallery block. That's why I wanted to inject it into the header, as the first option I gave... but I wanted this design that I posted last... 😔
  4. Hi Mr. @derricksrandomviews! I really liked the format of this last code... But I am not able to inject it as a code block in the header in advanced settings. Could you help me? I would really like it to be the latter but in the header to stay on all pages of the site. 🙏
  5. I believe that this is today one of the mishaps that costs Squarespace a lot ... in countries like India, Brazil, Indonesia, Colombia, Portugal, Spain, Italy and even the USA, which is currently the 3rd in the list of users of the application there must be thousands of customers who give up subscribing to Squarespace just for this reason. Here in Portugal is the first question from the people that I present Squarespace, always! Whatsapp is the world's largest messaging app and all of Squarespace's competition has this option for customers, we don't have to wait a lifetime for this and limit our business possibilities ... they have to take a look at this topic and we have to open more complaints.
  6. The same problem for Portugal. Some limitations of Squarespace are even ridiculous, the competition is far ahead in some aspects. Is anyone here to observe these complaints?
  7. Hey @xcskier56 ! Did you get a solution? I have a problem similar to yours. I have a product listing (almost 1500 items) that was edited on Google Sheets and now when I import the CSV from this listing the paragraph formatting doesn't appear in Squarespace, I didn't want to have to edit item by item in Squarespace. 😞
  8. @Caballero I also agree, Whatsapp is crucial in any WebStore today... let's make this post a complaint and send the link here to give more attention.
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