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  1. Hi all, I have my facebook catalogue linked into my squarespace product data feed, however I am wanting more than 1 image per product to be fed to my facebook catalogue. I can't find anywhere to make this happen and have been manually adding images to products once they are in my catalogue. Any advice would be super appreciated! Thanks
  2. @brandon I've also realised that I have to reload my product pages for the .00s to disappear - any idea why that would happen?
  3. @brandon this worked a treat on my product listing, however the .00s come back when a product variant like size etc is selected from the dropdown any way of doing a workaround for this? link to one of my product pages below. thanks! https://www.svikis.com/shop/circle-statement-ring-sterling-silver
  4. @tuanphan please see the link below! https://www.svikis.com/shop/triangle-statement-ring-sterling-silver Thanks
  5. Hi there, I started using the Brine template, and in my product listing I have a drop down menu for size and quantity The size drop down uses a different, ugly font which is not related to the template style. Any idea on how to change this? Thanks Marika
  6. Hi all, I currently have the Adirondack template which is has a left and right footer as part of the template. I would really like to have just the one footer and can't seem to drag across the left or right sections to make it look like this Is there any custom code or tweaks that could achieve what I'm looking for? Thanks in advance Marika
  7. Hi there. I use the Adirondack template for my site and am wanting to remove the trailing decimal 00's from my pricing. For example I want $249.00 to display as $249. Any idea how to make this happen? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!
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