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  1. Thank you paul2009. I will give that a try!
  2. I have a digital file product line that I sell. My problem is I personally do not have the digital file for the customer to download, it comes from the designer to my customer directly. So when entering the product, I can not make it a digital file without uploading an actual file. Therefore, I had to make it a physical product. Now my issue is even though I left it 0 lbs. for weight, my customers will still get charged a shipping fee. I cannot figure out how to make just a certain product category free shipping. None of the discount options work here. Any thoughts on how I can do this? Jennifer
  3. I too need this exact same answer. When I was with Weebly, I was able to use Swell, a third party service, that integrated with my site. It was all automatic and linked to my customers. It was great! Swell and any others out there that I have been able to find now do not work with Squarespace for some reason. Of course, I keep going back to finding that Shopify is one that they all work with among many other features I would like to have that I cannot get with Squarespace. Anyone have an answer for this?
  4. I am not an expert, but you may try under the form tab in the edit product box. I have added a form to collect more information and they can choose from a variety of options. I am not sure if when you create the form if you can allow the customer to choose more than one option though, so you would have to play with it and see how detailed the feature allows. At the very least you could add a text field and they can type in what they want. Once they hit add to cart a form pops up for them to fill in. I hope maybe this helps you.
  5. I am looking for this feature as well.
  6. I find it hard to believe that you can't just do a simple search for any product with a Christmas category and display results on a page. Seems like a feature that has been around forever other places. It seems like no matter which road I take, this is not a simple thing to accomplish.
  7. Yes, I have over 600 products and it grows daily. I will look into your suggestion, but I know very little of coding and things behind the scenes. Thank you for your info.
  8. Hello. My website is a cross stitch supply store. In it I sell charts from many different designers. I have my product pages separate for each designer. Those designers have different themed pieces... such as Halloween or Christmas. What I am trying to do is create a page where all the similar themed designs come together no matter which designer. So lets say a Christmas page where all designs in the Christmas Category will show. I understand that for some un-user friendly reason Squarespace does not have "universal" categories throughout the site, so for each new product page I have to create a new Christmas Category. Because of this, short of duplicating each and every product that falls under Christmas, and therefore technically two separate products, I cannot figure out a way to bring them all together. I figure I must be missing something as this should be quite an easy thing to do. Just a page that displays a search result for the Christmas category. My website is www.crossstitchboutique.com. I currently do not use tags because I really do not understand the difference between the two and how one has a different use from the other. If I give it a Christmas tag is there a way to get a search result product page? I just cannot figure this out. Thank you. Jennifer
  9. For the last couple of days... seems like ever since there was an update... my related products dropdown menu does not work. When I click on the down arrow to choose what category I want to show, nothing happens. I can click on them all day long and it never changes. It also won't scroll to see the additional categories. Anyone else having this issue? Is there somewhere I should report problems such as something not working properly? Thank you!
  10. I love you!!! It worked!! Thank you, thank you so very much!
  11. www.crossstitchboutique.com is my website. If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  12. Thank you for your response. I have yet to change anything in the CSS. I have no experience with that. I added what you typed there exactly and it didn't work. I am guessing I have to have more code than that. So I am guessing there is no easy way to do this... something that should be a standard thing. Thank you again.
  13. I want to highlight one sentence in a product description by changing its color. I cannot believe that in the text format box there is no standard options for changing color of text. Just like there is right here where I am typing this! I have now spent 3 hours trying to figure out how to do it with no luck at all. I do not want to add a code block to the additional information area. I want this to appear right next to the product image, not underneath. There must be a way to do this? This should be something quick and simple... I just don't get it. I want my description to look like this: (which took me 1 second to do here) Design size is 24" x 27" stitched 2 over 2 on 28 count fabric. This is a digital file that will be emailed to you within 3 business days after purchase. I want the second sentence to be red. How do I do this? Thank you.
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