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  1. Hi there! In looking for the same thing, your question came up. I saw this other question answered so im passing it along.
  2. Site URL: https://www.gochemtek.com/ Hi everyone! Does anyone know how to make a flat-fee shipping zone with individual states or know where this has been answered already? I could only find the shipping zone option worked with countries, not states - even though the Support article here says it can work with states. We are undercharging on shipping to Alaska with our Fedex-calculated rates and need to add a flat fee, weight-based (essentially any method at this point) onto Alaska orders. Any help or advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  3. @Offerwhere Thank you for posting about this. I appreciate your efforts to make a solution like this as it's the closest thing so far to a viable rewards program. (Thanks for your question! @PineStreetCreative) This might surprise you but Shopify offers a plugin called Loyalty Lion Rewards (a totally separate company) who has made their program integrated with Shopify so the customer doesn't know they're using Loyalty Lion. This was a huge draw as we were about to leave Squarespace for Shopify and had an account for Loyalty Lion for months. Since I do know it's possible for the front end of the program to appear to be the Websites platform and the backend be Loyalty Lion(but through Shopify) or Offerwhere, is there anything your dev team can research to do or to work with Squarespace to make this seamless so our customers only have to share their info once and it appears to only be on our website? I can assure you that many of us will jump this if you can make it seamless for our customers. Thank you!
  4. Site URL: https://www.gochemtek.com Hello, Our shop previously offered free shipping on orders under $100 but we're now increasing this to $200. We have about 15 different box sizes and I'm wondering if we need to add all of the custom box sizes? For anyone else who uses the Custom Containers, are you adding in all of your boxes or just the largest ones? I know the description says "shipping costs will be estimated at checkout by packing the order into as few of these containers as possible" but I don't know how accurate this always is. Can anyone share insight or experience? Thanks!
  5. Question for you - we offer free shipping over $100 but many customers still buy under $100 and end up paying the same cost in shipping that they could get an item. Is it possible to have a pop-up come up if their cart is under a certain $ amount to remind them they can buy something else to get to free shipping?
  6. Thank you. Are you aware if the Member Area can be set up with a different tax structure than the regularly purchased items (non-Member area) ? Our dropshipper wholesalers would be buying tax-free in our Member Area.
  7. Hi Everyone, We are trying to see if the Member Area would be effective for our Dropship program. The flow entails: Our wholesale buyers would have their retail customers buy our products in their store and/or their website. Then the wholesale buyers would go onto our site, place the same order to pay us (with already discounted priced items) and lastly, we would ship it to their retail customer if it was an online order. Does anyone know - Can we make the member area free but accessible by a password that we give the Dropship program customers? Does this increase the chances of the Member Area getting hacked? If so, any idea on how to reduce our chances? If a member area would not be the best solution in your opinion, is there another Squarespace option you'd recommend for our dropship needs? Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks for clarifying. It's discouraging to hear but appreciated for the clarification.
  9. One last thing that would be nice is to have it integrate with a POS system like Square since SQSP already integrates with that. We havent decided our POS system yet. Thanks!!
  10. Thanks for asking! There's a program called LoyaltyLion and I'd like for it to work as closely to that as possible. We have an account with them that I've been paying (and not using) so I can find one that will mimic it for SQSP. Customers earn points in the following ways: purchases (based on the point/$ ratio we decide), by creating an account, by visiting the website at some frequency, by referring a friend, reviewing a product, by inputting their info like birthdate (and getting points on their birthday), and also being able to give the customer points whenever (i.e. if a shipment goes wrong, etc.). The marketing & data aspects we would love are: being able to customize the name of the rewards program, having customer tiers based on the total purchases (higher the tier, the more points they earn), data creating lists of customers who are "win back" potential based on their purchase history and being able to email them personalized emails with codes to incentivize purchases, also being able to control when their points expire and being able to send incentive emails to get them to use their points. I know LoyaltyLion has an open API so if you know how to code and can create the plug-in for loyalty lion or something like it, I'm confident people (myself included) would buy it.
  11. All - I saw on another post that there's a website called Peach's Referral program. It seems to be the closest plug-in to a rewards program but I dont see that it rewards customers with points for purchasing. I'm in contact with the developer who started it and im hoping he'll consider adding on a "points for purchase" reward element to the software. If you see any other solutions, please post them. https://peachs.co/squarespace-referral-program
  12. Hi JeanLouis, this program appears to be a referral program. I looked on the website and the software reviews and it didnt seem like it allowed customers to earn points through purchases. I'm getting in contact with the company but was curious if you were aware if it allows customers to earn points through purchases?
  13. I've been begging SQSP for years to create a rewards program plug-in. No luck. They say they'll talk to the developers but we keep getting enhancements (i.e. Video elements) that arent as helpful as a rewards program. Whoever can create a plug-in rewards program to SQSP will make a fortune since so many of us need it. Has everyone messaged SQSP about this need? They might listen more if we all keep reaching out. Fingers crossed!
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