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  1. Customer support helped me - something went wrong with the post that even carried over in a duplicate. A new post solved the problem.
  2. Site URL: https://antoineart.com I'm trieng to upload a thumbnail image for a new blog post. When uploading, the bar moves to full and simply stop (without showing the uploaded image). When I go back ( Edit Post - Options ) it says "Oops! Something went wrong. Retry?" I have tried for hours. I have tried uploading 3 different jpg images. No luck. I have tried with Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Nada. I have also tried with my phone “Error. Image processing failed” I am out of ideas!
  3. Site URL: http://www.AntoineArt.com When someone subscribes to my newsletter they get a confirmation email with a "confirm subscription" link. One pressed it takes them to a confirmation page. How do I customize that confirmation page? I'm offering a discount code for subscribers so I need the code to display there. Currently it only says: You Are Now Subscribed! You will start receiving emails from ANTOINE ART. Thank you!
  4. YourePerfect, I'm sorry I didn't get a notice of your reply. I just changed my squarespace notification settings so hopefully I will next time. Thank you so much for taking the time to review my site and sharing your thoughts. I've made several changes; menu slightly larger, home page fonts smaller (this was dynamic so it would have depended on your browser window but I changed it to static) Not sure what you mean with 'different gallery formats'. Thank you for viewing my work and subscribing to my newsletter! And hats off to you for capturing artworks for printing. Not an easy job!!
  5. I'm sorry I didn't reply. I didn't get a notification - I just changed my settings so hopefully next time I will. Yes, "Products: Status Badges" is exactly what I'm looking for. I followed your directions. Under design I have "Products: Layout".. "Products: Gallery"... "Products: Details"... but no "Products: Status Badges" However now knowing what term I need to look for already puts me on the right track. I read that it is available for Brine (I'm using, Mercer part of the Brine fam). I'll contact customer support to help me figure out what I'm missing. Thanks again!
  6. I'm guessing the lack of response may mean it's not possible?
  7. Thank you for the useful feedback! I think I used more or less the sizes that came with Mercer. However I used a lot more text on the first image which makes it quite different. I have tweaked the fonts a little based on your comments. I change the quote every month, with a shorter one it works a little better :) Thanks again!
  8. Site URL: http://www.AntoineArt.com I would like to change the font/size for the word "sold" on sold out products. Example: https://www.antoineart.com/isolation-paintings/isolation-116-1 I understand how I can change the text but can't find the option to change the font/size under design styles. Thank you!
  9. Site URL: http://www.AntoineArt.com I completely redesigned my website earlier this year and I would love feedback/critique/suggestions. Sometimes when we work with something so closely it's hard to keep perspective :) Thank you! x
  10. Site URL: https://www.antoineart.com I would like to add links from some of my product detail pages to other related ones. For instance, I would like to add a link from this original painting's product page to the product detail page that list it's prints I understand that I can add a link using the second page's URL. I would prefer linking to the page directly. I'm able to link to product landing pages but not the product pages themselves. I prefer not to link using the URL -should I change that in the future my link would of course not work.
  11. Found it! Insertion point > Scroll down to social blocks > Social links :)
  12. Here is a link to my site: https://antoineart.squarespace.com/ I would like for the social media links at the bottom to be icons instead of text. Advice appreciated!
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