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  1. I'm trying to figure out a work-around for not being able to offer a premium (free gift) with purchase -- specifically, buy 2 and get one free. I'm thinking of creating a product that is a grouping of three products, setting the price at 3X the individual product price and then using a flat $ discount (with use of a discount code) for the price of one product. The only issue I can see arising from this is a discrepancy with my inventory tracking. Has anyone tried this? Am I missing any other negative consequences? Or do you have any other suggested work-arounds?
  2. I'm investigating using Quick Books Online to track inventory to integrate wholesale and in-person sales as well. You have to use the expert version though (more expensive). I'll let you know how it goes.
  3. I asked for help from Support, and Squarespace cannot do this yet. It's a basic marketing technique that is not accommodated. I'm interested in knowing how regularly Squarespace adds functionality to its platform. Although it's a hassle and don't really want to, I'm contemplating switching to LeadPages (or possibly Shopify, but it's quite expensive for a solopreneur) to be able to do a little more sophisticated marketing.
  4. I'd like a simple way to offer a free gift (premium) without having to offer a discount or do a work-around (but open to hearing what those might be). This would allow it to come out of inventory, show up as a gift on the order (vs. having to offer a discount).
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