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  1. Site URL: https://www.ridgemount.uk/contact Is there a way to make the text in the captions of these two images larger, without it affecting the captions on other parts of the website? The page is https://www.ridgemount.uk/contact Thanks
  2. Thanks, that works really well. But how come when I try and do the same thing on another page it doesn't work? For example on this page is displays like this - https://www.ridgemountpr.co.uk/sell-from-home/online-event-promotion The code I used was the same as the one as you wrote, but with a different block id. This was the code: div#block-e4fe438a51cb66847a03 img { width: 50% !important; height: auto !important; } div#block-e4fe438a51cb66847a03 a { padding-bottom: 50%; margin: 0 auto !important; text-align: center; }
  3. Site URL: https://sprout-tuna-swnf.squarespace.com/sell-from-home/video-meeting-preparation In the custom editor, where I can select how much padding I want between my gridded images, I can only make the padding go up to 50px. However, I actually want the padding to be much bigger than this so the images are much smaller compared to their titles. How can I add more padding around my grid images to help significantly reduce the size of my images?
  4. Site URL: https://sprout-tuna-swnf.squarespace.com/presentation-creation I've added a grid of small images with titles underneath them. The problem is hen the title is too long, it goes into an ellipses and only shows part of it. I tried taking out the "overflow: hidden" rule, but then the titles just overlap onto one another. What I want is for the titles to go onto another line if they don't fit on one. Is that possible? The page is https://sprout-tuna-swnf.squarespace.com/presentation-creation
  5. Site URL: https://sprout-tuna-swnf.squarespace.com/ Halfway down my homepage there are 4 image cards, each with a title, displaying in two columns. However, when this switches to one column on mobile, the image takes up the full width of the screen and the title sits underneath it. How would I be able to have the title sit next to the image in the same column? This would look much tider. Like this: instead of how it actually looks on mobile: Any help would be much appreciated!
  6. Site URL: https://sprout-tuna-swnf.squarespace.com/blog I have styled the text and borders for some of my list blocks on my site, but on this page, I want the orange excerpt text and border to be a different color. Is it possible to do this?
  7. So when I add in the block using Squarspace's builder, I selected the layout as "List". But what I really want is for it to be List for desktop/tablet, and "grid", the option next to List, for mobile, which would make it look like this. At the moment it looks like this
  8. Hello. No I haven't solved it. I think basically what I need is the layout of the Projects block to change from "list" to "grid" when it's being viewed on mobile. Any help you could give me on that wold be greatly appreciated. https://sprout-tuna-swnf.squarespace.com/
  9. Site URL: https://sprout-tuna-swnf.squarespace.com/ I have a blog summary block on my homepage that is split 50/50 with the text on the left and image on the right. When viewed on a tablet/mobile, I want the images to appear above the text, so they take up the full width of the screen. I've managed to get the text to fill the width of the block, but I can't work out how to do the same for the image. Here's what I've got so far: @media screen and (max-width:1200px) { .summary-content.sqs-gallery-meta-container { width: 100%!important; } } Please help!
  10. Thanks. I've added in the code and adjusted the padding for tablet and mobile. 👍
  11. Thanks. That works on desktop but not on mobile. I'm assuming this is because of the @media screen and (min-width:901px) you added in? It works when I don't include that part but will leaving it out cause other issues?
  12. Site URL: https://sprout-tuna-swnf.squarespace.com I want the top of my footer to be a different colour to the rest of it. How do I remove the padding so the orange goes right across the width of the page and doesn't show any of the grey at the top? I already tried this: .Footer-inner{ padding: 0px } but when I do that it leaves a line along the side of the whole page (see attached). Please could someone help??
  13. Site URL: https://sprout-tuna-swnf.squarespace.com On my site homepage I have a block that shows, titles and excerpts of my blog. I'm trying to style the titles, and have been able to make some changes to the style, such as color and weight, using the CSS selector "a.summary-title-link " - however when I try to change the size of the title, it doesn't respond. Does anyone know what I need to do to adjust this? The page is https://sprout-tuna-swnf.squarespace.com/ the section I'm trying to change are the titles under "Projects" halfway down the homepage
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