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  1. Individual page color change - injection the page: #siteWrapper { background-color: #61b8cc!important; } --!>
  2. I used: Individual page color change - injection the page: color change on index page: #collection-5d2359a4eb83b8000132e2a4.index-section { background-color: #61b8cc!important; }
  3. @dnesci Hi, I used your code in page injection to change the page to a blue color ok https://www.deep-impact.org.uk/home-info When I move the page into an index it loses the color when viewing the index, even if I add the other code into custom css. https://www.deep-impact.org.uk/home-11 If I view source on the index page and change the collection id in the custom css all the pages in the index go blue. What am I doing wrong? Thanks Pete
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