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  1. Upping this, is there genuinely no built in function to allow mobile/tablet users to swipe through images?!
  2. Hey Tuan, I'm using a business plan, yes! I just took a look around codepen... it's probably something like this: https://codepen.io/HeeneyOG/pen/PoJgmNz Thanks for looking at this. Asa
  3. Hey all, Building my own site and trying to do something fun in the header. I've attached a screenshot, where I've some background gifs, but I'd love for the gifs to only show up when the relevant word (the word infront of it) is hovered over. Currently I've got the text as as a text block, but I could also recreate the text as a HTML block if that would make a difference. If anyone has an idea of how to make this happen, please give me a shout! Website: workbypage.squarespace.com Pass: workbypage All the best, Asa
  4. Sorry @tuanphan, I had to switch it over. I've updated the password to: treatmelikeimfamous Thanks, Asa
  5. Hi all, I'm currently building this website for a client, and while I've coded it to load different elements for desktop and mobile, portrait iPad/tablet is still a bit of an issue. What I'd love to do is force the website to just load the mobile version for portrait tablets but I'm not really sure where to start, or what size to specify the break at? Can anyone help me with a bit of code that could help address this? I've attached screens at desktop, mobile and then ipad portrait (the problem child). Site: https://houseofgods2023.squarespace.com/ Pass: hotdogwatermelon All the best, Asa
  6. This worked! Thank you HoaLT for the fix – really appreciate it. Although still very bizarre that the footer would disappear on mobile anyway. Hopepfully something Squarespace can look into!
  7. Hi, HoaLT – sorry if I got that wrong, definitely updated now. Pass: dinedance Thanks, Asa
  8. Site URL: https://polygon-watermelon-3jbb.squarespace.com/bar Hey all, I'm curious if anyone's ever found a way to address seeing the fonts loading in, in such a clunky manner. Is there a way to get around this at all? Everytime a page loads, everything then jumps and switches to load in custom fonts. It's a pretty clumsy experience and I'm sure most here have experienced it. Is there any custom CSS/HTML to help with this? Or are there easy ways on rapidly speeding up the load speeds? I'm working on: https://polygon-watermelon-3jbb.squarespace.com/bar Pass: dinedance All the best, Asa
  9. Ah right, well this was pre-launch at the time I believe. That makes sense – thanks Ed.
  10. Hi Tuanphan, thanks for getting back on this. Sorry it was on one of the sub-pages: https://www.connectedcampers.com/features We changed the copy, to allow the site to go live against pressing deadlines (I'm sure you understand), but obviously it's an odd feature and a strange behaviour for a site to split a word without a hyphen. Have you seen it before? Are you aware of any ways to avoid it?
  11. Site URL: http://casablancacocktailclub.com Site: casablancacocktailclub.com Hey all, Looks like squarespace has bugged out and just isn't displaying my footer at mobile size. I really don't understand why. Is anyone else experiencing this and has anyone found a fix? Look forward to hearing back! All the best, Asa
  12. Site URL: https://connectedcampers.squarespace.com/ Hey Squarespace community, looking for a little help on how to fix this, or recognition of a bug that needs ironed out at Squarespace side. In passages of text, when looking at the site on mobile, I'm seeing it split words across two lines, forcing a single letter on it's own to the line below. Very odd and surely it's programmed to line break entire words (or atleast hyphenate them if there's a line split). See the screenshot attached. Hopefully some of you can help me to figure this out as I'm a little stuck and puzzled with this one! Website: https://connectedcampers.squarespace.com/ Pass: sillysausages All the best, Asa
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