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  1. Hello, I am wondering if there's a way I can have the submissions of my form to go to 2 email addresses. Currently, I have only 1 and when I try to add another one by separating each with a semi-colon, it gives me a "please enter a valid email" message. I'm using Squarespace 7.1 Page link: https://turkey-chiton-rmpc.squarespace.com/bridal-application-form Thanks in advance!
  2. I would like to upload a 22-minute video to one of my gallery pages, Short Films. I do not have any other videos uploaded to my site, yet when I try to select the file, Squarespace tells me that I only have six of the allotted 30 minutes of video storage remaining. I tried to upload this same video about three times unsuccessfully, so I wonder if the system is confused about how much storage space I've actually used. I have not been able to figure this issue out, nor can I find the proper wording to locate a similar thread on this forum. Please advise. Thank you!
  3. My website uses the Brine template (not sure if that's relevant) and I want to include a promotional pop-up for my newsletter. My company also uses Salesforce for our email campaigns, and I want to store entries from the pop-up to our Salesforce account. Is there any way to accomplish this? I know that Salesforce can be integrated into form blocks on the website, but can it be integrated into a pop-up?
  4. Site URL: https://www.mayflowermortgage.co.uk/ Afternoon, Im trying to turn google reCAPTCHA on my site and I keep getting site owner error invalid domain for site key. ive reset my key and use the built in domain to generate them but am not having any joy i've followed the square space instruction doc to the letter stil no joy. teh domain is hosted by godaddy and being forwarded to the square space domain im not sure if that causing the issue? has any one had the same issue ? if so could you give me an idea of how to fix it any help appreciated
  5. Hey, what I thought was a simple ask is turning out not to be. My client is a recruiter and I need some recommendations in terms of how to set up a flow that would start with our registration form being able to accept PDF / Word Doc submissions (resumes) on this page: https://www.ariagency.ca/candidates. I understand File Request Pro can provide this capability, but they don't integrate with Zapier. I need solution to integrate seamlessly with Zapier as I need to be able to set up a Zap to connect to our Bullhorn CRM (add the candidate who registered) as well as add them to our MailChimp list(s). It's easy to integrate Bullhorn & MailChimp via Zapier; when it comes to the PDF submissions part of the equation, Squarespace doesn't seem great at this capability. My chat with an agent today on the subject was abhorrent. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your expertise.
  6. I have several contact forms in my squarespace site, the repsons of the forms goes(storage) to my Gmail inbox. In all of my forms there is from yesterday a error with scandinavian letters Å Ä and Ö. It worked before but now word that contains this letters are tranmitted wrongly to Gmail. For example, the word omgående in my contactform is "omgående" in the Gmail inbox where the form is stored. Anyone else got this problem? Very grateful for hints about solutions.
  7. Hello So my new website https://samtalks.technology has gone live. It is where I host my 80+ podcast interviews with tech entrepreneurs. However I still have to use a seperate video hosting company and podcast host for distribution. Both of these features should be added to SQS and turned into a new revenue stream. I know that it is possible today to host a video/audio file but the limit on both is only 160mb. Most of the audio files are 90 mins long and range between 250MB-350MB and the video files range between 750MB - 1GB. 1. Vimeo. - Video Podcast Hosting Today I host my video podcast on Vimeo. I only do so because there is a 160mb limit on SQS. FEATURE REQUEST: Can SQS add a tiered hosting charge so I can upload GB's of content per week/month and pay for the extra data storage? Today I pay Vimeo $67 per year so I can upload 5GB per week. Seems like a wasted revenue opportunity for SQS. 2. SimpleCast - Audio Hosting I would love to use SQS to host my audio podcast. Sadly due to the 160mb limit I host/distribute my podcasts via SimpleCast who then disseminate them to the endpoints e.g Apple, Google and Spotify and 20 other podcast sites. I would much prefer to use the built in RSS feed in SQS to point to Apple, Spotify etc and then use the Built in SQS - RSS feed analytics to measure my traffic. FEATURE REQUEST: Can SQS add a tiered hosting charge so I can upload GB's of content per week/month and pay for the extra data storage? I would then not need to use any podcast host. Most podcast hosts only exist because sites like SQS do such as bad job of competing with them. WordPress do a good job and even had dedicated plugins - https://themeisle.com/blog/wordpress-podcast-plugins/ I am invested into SQS both my clients and myself don't want to switch to WP 5.0 just to podcast. Please SQS can you consider increasing the storage limit, it can't be that hard. I can then bin Vimeo and Simplecast. I can then use the built in RSS feed and RSS analytics and keep my blog. podcasts and newsletter plus shop all in one site.
  8. I have over 400 different galleries with over 406,000 photos and over 280GB in size (football games). What is the best method to add these to my website? Each page will have one gallery, on average 1000 photos per gallery. The most one gallery holds is 2000 and the least would be 100. Will I need to use an outside app in order to showcase these? Will the storage space be an issue? Will I need to batch process the photos in photoshop to reduce storage space so I don't hit any limits (are there storage limits?) Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions - Patrick -
  9. Hello, I am trying to use code injection with a form to collect data directly to Firestore (to skip the part with Google Drive>Google Sheet>FireStore). After placing a script as a code injection to my form and clicking "Submit" button I have a message that I need to connect my form with a Storage. I am wondering if I am actually able to use code injection for storing my data directly to Firestore and how I can override Squarespace submit rule which is referring to setting a storage for the form Thank you
  10. Site URL: https://www.communitycatalliance.org I am trying to update this site, which I've inherited. I can't find a way to access or edit the storage options for the forms on the site. One thread I found here suggested I'd get an tab when I try to edit the form that would say storage but I'm not getting that (I am 7.0 I think, brine template). The form help mentions the kinds of storage options but doesn't tell me how to change it! Thanks, Connie
  11. When linking a Google Drive account for the Forms' Storage, it asks me for a new Sheet name. Entering a new name goes into my Personal account I have in the Google Apps area. I am an admin of the Googles App account. I have a large collection of Shared Folders, aka "Teams Folder" it used to be called, where we save and share all spreadsheets. How do I specify a Google Sheet located in the Shared/Folder1/Folder2 structure, not my personal drive account? I do not want the Storage to go to my personal account at the company. It must be in a Shared Folder location. IOW, the Milk Truck theory.
  12. Site URL: https://www.munchiesandmacros.com Hi, I need help please! I was playing around with the back office and noticed that there are 7 subscribers that I didn't know I had! Some dated all the way to April and some just last month. I currently have about 85 subscribers from my website that is linked to my mailchimp successfully, but for whatever reason there are these 7 subscribers that I randomly found in the "Profiles" section in the back office! Naturally I'm panicking because Im a new business and any leads that can lead to sales need to be nourished. I also need to know where they are coming from so I can fix the issue and make sure that wherever its coming from is going to link to mailchimp so it doesn't happen again but I can't figure out where these subscribers have signed on. Is there a way of finding out which form they used and why it isn't linked to mailchimp like the other ones? Please see attached file for where I found the hidden subscribers.
  13. Site URL: https://www.baltimorevotes.org/party-at-the-mailbox I built a form on my site that includes an address field. On the site, the address block is made up of separate lines for the street, city, zip, etc, but in the google form, the answers are combined into a single column. Is there a way to change this? current google sheet: [street, city, zip, country] all appears in one row ideal: [street] [city] [zip] [country] appear separately For context, I'm going to use the addresses to do a mailing, so I'd like to be able to set up a mailmerge where the street is on a separate line than the city.
  14. Site URL: https://www.frankwater.com/ Is there a way of 'storing' files on a site without linking to them through a page. I want to create a pdf that links to various files but don't want these files to be independently downloadable from a webpage. Is there some way round this? I could store them on GDrive for example but this isn't as secure as I'd like. Thanks in advance for your help
  15. Site URL: https://heardthatapp.com/beta-application My form has a name field, which shows two fields "First name" and "Last name". The form is connected to Google Drive for storage. The stored form combines those two fields into a single field called "Name". How can I keep them separate?
  16. Site URL: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000641507-Adding-form-integrations-with-Zapier The contact form will not display and shows an error in editing view that storage still needs to be selected. Zapier has been configured properly with API key and testing was successful. Anyone know how to get contact form storage to update correctly?
  17. How can i add a code to upload the submitted files directly in my Google Drive or other Storage Services instead of Getform?
  18. All, Good afternoon! I'm exploring starting a new ecommerce site selling some specialized digital products and I was wondering where the digital data is hosted and if there are any speed limits on downloads. A typical digital product of mine should only be 2 - 5 MB, so I want to make sure there won't be any traffic issues. Secondly, I was wondering if we can break down the categories into sub-categories. I may end up with a category structure like the following: - Level 1 - Level 2 - Level 3 I didn't see anything that looked like that, but am only evaluating a demo site and am not sure if that is possible. Finally, is it possible to create filters that would allow customers to quickly find products across categories? I want the customer experience to be as easy as possible. If anyone has any questions, or if I've used the forums incorrectly and it would be best to break up my questions into separate posts, please let me know. Thanks in advance for any assistance, hope all is well and have a most blessed day! Peace, Pete
  19. Is it possible to have a form that submits data to a variety of email addresses instead of just one? I have a client who would like to direct email to a different member of staff depending on which name the user chooses from a list or pull-down menu in a contact form. Can this be achieved through coding / customization?
  20. Site URL: https://www.lehighphoto.com/ Is it possible to edit the storage of the "Custom Form" on the checkout page? I want to store the entries of the custom form in a Google sheet instead of only showing up on receipts and confirmation emails.
  21. Site URL: https://www.ceremoniejohan.be/ Hello, I made a small website with a form block, but the mails are not coming trough. The storage mailadress is info@ceremoniejohan.be. If i change the mailadres it works. But not with info@ceremoniejohan.be Can anyone help? Thank you!
  22. Site URL: https://www.charlotteschryvers.com/ Hey there, I want to connect to Zapier in the storage tab of the newsletter block, but it just says "awaiting connection to Zapier" continously, without connecting. I've checked and my login to Zapier is active, so I'm not sure why it's doing this and I can't find any help online so far. Any ideas? Here is the screenshot with the message, attached. Thanks in advance! Charlotte
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