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    jaisequoia reacted to rolandkieslinger in Invert logo on homepage   
    I am using the tremont template and my branding logo in the header is a png file with transparent background and white foreground. On the homepage with dark background, this looks good. But on the other pages with white background, its almost invisible.
    How can I invert my logo on sites with white background? Or can I just provide a second, alternative logo with a black font for pages with white backgrounds?
    Thanks in advance!
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    jaisequoia reacted to ThompsonWebDesign in How to add a Go To Cart button on the product page   
    Pretty much what @paul2009 said, it’s meant more as a starting off point. As you can imagine when trying to provide a solution such as this, there are a lot of different variables in how a Squarespace website might be configured from AJAX to the specific templates, product blocks vs product pages... So one for all solutions like this do sometimes present problems. 
    It was basically designed to work in a wide variety of use cases whilst also being simple enough for the lay person or anyone else who would like to develop on it further to decipher. In addition it was also designed in a way that makes it relatively easy to maintain incase something fundamentally changes on Squarespace. Unfortunately that means that in some instances it does cause some less then ideal situations like this one with the cover page. 
    Really the only reason I suggest you put the html code in the global header is incase you have AJAX enabled. If you don’t then you can simply put it into the specific product page header which will solve your problem. 
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    jaisequoia got a reaction from tuanphan in Align mobile navigation   
    hi there, the folks at Ghost Plugins has this
    if you search 7.1 and then 'mobile'  you'll see lots of other options too. Good luck
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    jaisequoia reacted to Rdaconnect in How do I embed Facebook Events into a page?   
    ASiegersMusic ~ Thank you for reviving this issue. I'm also scouting for some easier way for clients to update their own calendar or events on Squarespace. If I find anything out there I'll add a note to this thread. ~ Rebecca A.
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    jaisequoia reacted to ASiegersMusic in How do I embed Facebook Events into a page?   
    Hi Maria, I'm looking for the same solution. Did you find something? Thanks!
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    jaisequoia reacted to paul2009 in css to fix TOO BOLD fonts in firefox 7.0 and 7.1   
    If this is affecting all your fonts you could put this in Design > Custom CSS:
    html { -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; -font-smoothing: antialiased; } but if it is just your H3 titles (the outline font) then you should only need this:
    h3 {   -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale;   -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;   -font-smoothing: antialiased; } Let me know how you get on.
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    jaisequoia reacted to paul2009 in 7.1 Bug with header area   
    This forum is not monitored for product bugs. If you spot an issue, Squarespace Customer Care should always be your first stop. You can reach out to them here. The more people who report an issue, the more likely it is to be escalated and prioritised for fix.
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    jaisequoia reacted to paul2009 in 7.1 Bug with header area   
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    jaisequoia reacted to AndyF in How to add a Go To Cart button on the product page   
    When you select an item to buy in the store, there's an Add to Cart button. When you click it, the button text changes momentarily to Adding... and the changes to Added. But at that point, in order for the user to Checkout, they have to (know to) scroll back to the top of the page to find the Cart(1) link. I'd like there to be two buttons near the Added button that say Continue Shopping and Go To Cart. Can anybody help me with how to add these buttons? Thank you.
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    jaisequoia reacted to tuanphan in Navigation hover in Squarespace 7.1   
    Add to Home > Design > Custom CSS
    .header-nav-item a:hover { color: red !important; }  
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    jaisequoia reacted to victory_over_all in Problem with mobile navigation and anchor links in 7.1   
    Thanks for the update and extra info. Really appreciated.
    I had already tried out the link format as support had suggested to you, but as you pointed out it kind of defeats the point of a single page website, and it feels a "wrong" from a user perspective. Such a shame that's all Squarespace can suggest.
    Really interesting to hear about the lack of image galleries too. As a graphic designer/illustrator I use SS for my own portfolio site, but I had been considering moving over to 7.1 for my own website and using it as an opportunity to get more familiar with the new template and functionality. Looks like it's not quite there yet, and I won't be making the jump to 7.1 any time soon.
    7.1 is also incredibly slow and I continuously get warning messages in Safari that the site is consuming a lot of energy or memory, or both. It really does feel like a product that's still in a testing stage and not yet feature complete, so I'm surprised they're encouraging everyone to use this new version. 
    It's safe to say I regret going with 7.1 for my client's super simple single page website...
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    jaisequoia reacted to C-A in Problem with mobile navigation and anchor links in 7.1   
    We ended up going back to 7 for the dev site we're working on and hiding the menu on mobile. It's the advantage of working from scratch. We also realized that 7.1 doesn't support image galleries yet. Surprising considering the number of artists that choose SS to display their work.

    Support suggested using the menu link in this format: /page-slug#section (example: /home#about). We didn't want to use this option as it reloads the page each time you select something from the menu - bad practice for mobile in my opinion and defeats the purpose of a one page website. We're hoping SS resolves this issue asap.
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    jaisequoia reacted to AFDesign in Adding text to a fullscreen slideshow on Ver 7.1   
    I just finished chatting with customer service. As of today, there is no way to build a simple slideshow banner with text in 7.1.
    The only solution seems to be to rebuild your site with the 7.0 Brine or Bedford templates and follow the steps below.
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    jaisequoia reacted to brandon in Why does the spacer have a minimum size?   
    Nice! Thanks for posting. Side note: I converted your Answer to a Comment (it's easy to accidentally post an answer instead of a comment). Up-voting useful answers is also helpful. Best!
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    jaisequoia reacted to tuanphan in [Share] Custom Code - Navigation Link Color/Hover Color/Active Color   
    Can you share link to your site?
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    jaisequoia reacted to brandon in Keep Title & Navigation at Top when scrolling   
    @jaisequoia: Thanks for letting me know. I've re-enabled the demo site. If you have any questions, drop me a line.
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    jaisequoia got a reaction from brandon in Keep Title & Navigation at Top when scrolling   
    hi @brandon I just had a look at your fixit website and am interested in your fixed menu code. Just to let you know your demo site link is broken (the link that says "Here’s an example site with Fixit added." I would like to see the demo. Can you send it on please?
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