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Google search console returning ‘Video page indexing issue - Video outside the viewpoint’ for vimeo link

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Vidoe outside the viewport, the video is a bit too large

The video must appear in the viewport when loading the page to be considered for indexing. Move the video so that the entire video is inside the renderable area of the page and seen when the page loads.

Use the live URL test to examine the screenshot and see the page as Google sees it.

This will tell you more about video indexing:


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On 6/15/2023 at 6:50 PM, AllaD said:

I'm needing guidance for a Google Search Console message indicates a 'Video page indexing issue - Video outside the viewpoint’ for a vimeo video on my clients website - here is the video url:


Would anyone know if it is how I'm placing the this particular video within Squarespace, or an issue at vimeo's end?

I'm posting here so if someone provides more clarity @AllaD you'll also be able to see it 🙂 

I'm having the same problem after recently updating this website: https://www.handyhaynets.com/allproducts/p/roundswivelsnap if you scroll down below the product description you'll see two youtube videos. The client is getting google indexing issue emails and so I just took a look and used the google responsiveness tool and all looks fine? 
Could it simply be because these videos are in the 'additional info' portion of the product page?
Would the new product details feature that's being rolled out be a better way to add this kind of informtation? (let's face it the 'additional info' is extremely outdated and very glitchy and problematic and I would LOVE to ditch it on all my clients sites lol)

@paul2009 any ideas?

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2 hours ago, jaisequoia said:

The client is getting google indexing issue emails [Video outside the viewpoint].
Could it simply be because these videos are in the 'additional info' portion of the product page?

@paul2009 any ideas?

Yes @jaisequoia, I can see an issue where content is overflowing the mobile viewport on some pages on this site. For example, when I click the 'more videos' link, these videos overflow on the right, and this pushes the mobile nav 'burger' icon off outside the viewport too. 


Does that help?

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hi Paul,

yes it's also happening on the blog 'inspiration' page too (which is a regular page with 3 summary blocks on it). It was doing this  a couple weeks ago and I removed and then re added all the summary blocks and that fixed it initialy but it's happening again. I'm speaking with sqsp support right now to see if we can figure it out. The client is not super happy about all this extra and duplicate work.
I will report here any fixes or findings that may be helpful for others.

There are a LOT of problems with summary blocks right now. I had used
 a fancy trick I found online to display all the images on this page in a really nice full view kind of way (well full image, using the wall setting of summary blocks). Because there were more than 30 I needed to display I added tags to each additional 30 posts and displayed them in an additional summary block until they were all on one normal page (not collection blog page). Worked for YEARS. Then migrated the client site to 7.1 and everything went to hell lol.
I've spendsome help agents were not as well versed in sqsp as I am and totlaly wasted my time btw, I've now made a suggestion that they neeed to find out the sqsp professionals skill level somehow and match them with a more advanced customer service rep they actually really liked this idea!).
Finally I was told I had to use the grid setting (which cuts off a lot of images as some are tall) and could only use 12 per summary block so I changed and added new tags and added each summary block to a new section. Time consuming (and my customer had to pay for all this nonsense). They  are apparently working on this issue which is good and eventually hope to hear back that I can start using the wall summary block display again at some point.
At least now there is no weird horizontal scrolling on that page. 

I hope this helps someone out there...
Oh and another site I recently migrated to 7.1 mysteriously had summary blocks just disappear on their site! So I encourage the reader, if you have any weirdness happen (first refresh your page to see if it resovles) but if not, take a screen video of the problem and send it through to customer care.

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updataing the info
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