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Designing your website’s header.

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Designing your site header is an important step as it plays such a big role in how visitors navigate and interact with your content. It looks the same throughout your site and typically includes your navigation and title or logo display. It can also include social or shopping cart icons, or even a call-to-action button! 

With style options like Gradient, the ability to use a custom color for the background, adding borders and drop shadows, you can create a unique design that fits your brand and makes your website stand out. You can read more about styling options in our Building a site header guide.

How did you choose your header’s design? Have you played around with the new options? Share the results and your experiences in the comments below!


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6 hours ago, Sabine said:

Hi, I would like to try those new options. Unfortunately I am in version 7.0. Is there a way to upgrade to version 7.1 without changing all the design settings?

No there is not, no built in migration path from a 7.0 template to 7.1 which is actually only 1 template with different named design starting points. However it may be possible to style your header using custom css if your template does not have a built in style tweak for the effect you want to have, such as a gradient header. 

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi, I am having issues with editing my website header. It allows me to edit it with no error messages but when I click save it reverts back to the same header layout. Does anyone else have this issue or know a solution? 

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