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  1. That worked perfect. I had tried all of those elements just not in the correct configuration. Thank you for the help.
  2. Site URL: https://utopiacreatesbeta.squarespace.com/swag/p/shot-caller Does anyone know if there is a way to target just one of two variant titles (.variant-option-title) on a product page? I want to add a "+" after the quantity value but not the color value. I have tried a bunch of combinations of nth-of-kind, child, first of, etc with no success but maybe I am missing the combo of styles needed/ Note: adding the "+" to the actual quantities was easy since I could target that using the data-option-name value included in the swatches plugin I am using but the titles do not have a distinct style or data attribute other then the actual content.
  3. Hmmm, this still seems to be an issue so not really a solved problem. It is very frustrating since one day it will work and the next day it doesn't.
  4. It is great you came up with this auto scroll fix @creedon. All we need now is a easy way to have the same transition effects as the Gallery Section. It is so odd they would create this Auto list section that is so similar to the Gallery Section but leave off an auto play and transitions.
  5. So I had an idea and was wondering if it would make sense. For the 7.1 themes I think it would be great if we had the following features/options: Instead of having Built in Names like Lightest and Darkest we can Custom name them depending on our intended use. So instead of Lightest 1 I might rename it "Main" and the Lightest 2 might be "Background Blue" Instead of having 10 Themes to start which could be confusing to the end client after a site handoff and end up having incorrect styles applied we are able to add "Themes" as needed. Have the Themes have the ability to be linked or synced to each other. So if I used Lightest 1 as my "Main Theme" but I used Lightest 2 to Make Some text and buttons a different color all the other elements stay linked to the the Main theme so if I change something on Lightest 1 it also changes on Lightest 2. There would be a clear indication if the item was synced to another theme or was custom to that theme and could easily be reset. Another way to do it would be to Have an option when Selecting the color is to simply add a Same as and then you select the theme and if one changes they all change. So for example when you select the color it would say, Pallet | Custom | Select Theme.
  6. @creedon Just a quick question if you have a moment. This is all working great but I was wondering do you think the FadeIn part could be an actual fade so that the sections disappear and appear a bit slower instead of instanously. I know there is another way I could do the transition so that one fades out and the other fades without the timer part but since I got this all working I was hoping I could tweak this and make it perfect. Current working version: https://www.atgfnxt.net/mn2
  7. Thanx! @creedon That was almost it. But it helped me get it working. The two things that were wrong were that I had pasted an altered version of the timer code so some of the selectors had been changed to section in my attempts to make it work instead of the original divs which messed it up and also I was forgetting to add the .roll class to the first section as it needed both to work. Here is the final working code. Just have to clean up a spacing issue. For some reason .page-section is forcing to position block instead of flex. <script> $( ( ) => { $('[data-section-id="611940b4602eec3d4070fbbd"]').addClass("loadingatgf"); $('[data-section-id="611940b4602eec3d4070fbbd"]').addClass("roll"); $('[data-section-id="611950f4e7841a61e1280c2d"]').addClass("roll"); var current = 0; var divs = $(".roll"); var timer = setInterval( () => { if (current < divs.length - 1) { divs.eq(current).hide(); current++; divs.eq(current).fadeIn("normal"); } else clearInterval(timer); }, 2500); } ); </script>
  8. OK, @creedon that makes sense, I have another script that is adding the .roll and .loadingatg styles to the section class - So what I think needs to happen is add something to make sure the timer script does not run before that first script has added the styles? I am guessing there is probably a way to combine the two scripts into one script to make it work? The whole point of this is to create a fake loading section before the main content loads. In the version I have working I just used a two code blocks with the content and the class styles already part of that code. Guess I am going to have to teach myself some basic js. Here is what I have to add the styles: <script type="text/javascript"> $(function() { $('[data-section-id="611940b4602eec3d4070fbbd"]').addClass("loadingatgf"); $('[data-section-id="611950f4e7841a61e1280c2d"]').addClass("roll"); }); </script> and then this is the time: <script type="text/javascript"> var current = 0; var section = $(".roll"); var timer = setInterval(function() { if (current < divs.length - 1) { divs.eq(current).hide(); current++; section.eq(current).fadeIn("normal"); } else clearInterval(timer); }, 2500); </script>
  9. Looking for some javascript help: I have this script that Shows One Div while Hiding another based on a timer and I am fine to get that to work but now I would like to make it work on a whole section. I tried changing the parts that say div to section/sections - but that didn’t seem to work. I have another script that adds the needed .roll class which works fine. https://www.atgfnxt.net/mn2 - The Second section is currently hidden as the .roll class has been applied. I have a working example here using just two divs within the same section. https://www.atgfnxt.net/minnesota - Note: There is a different script for the Button that hides the text to show the form. <script type="text/javascript"> var current = 0; var divs = $(".roll"); var timer = setInterval(function() { if (current < divs.length - 1) { divs.eq(current).hide(); current++; divs.eq(current).fadeIn("normal"); } else clearInterval(timer); }, 2500); </script>
  10. Simple Question, is there a way via css or js/jq to have the autoplay for a full screen gallery section take longer than 10 seconds?
  11. Just curious, is there a SEO or other technical reason that a text box defaults to Paragraph 2 (P2) for text boxes instead of P1 (Paragraph 1)?
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