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  1. Just curious, is there a SEO or other technical reason that a text box defaults to Paragraph 2 (P2) for text boxes instead of P1 (Paragraph 1)?
  2. @bangank36 or anyone else that may know the Google Charts API. I am good at taking code samples and editing them but I am not familiar enough with JS and the Google Charts API to build what I want from scratch. Is this something you could do? If so can you message me from my website (utopiacreates.com) and let me know how much something like this would cost. Basically what the client is looking for is a chart that shows a comparison of cost between two products over time based on a variable number that the visitor can change. I have a rough example here using Grid "https://lawyerdonedeal.squarespace.com/chart-test" The data for the chart would live inside a Google Spreadsheet. There would be multiple versions of the chart with slightly different numbers. What I would need is a nice base sample of code to get it to work. Ideally with as much as possible style wise controlled with css.
  3. I am looking into a solution using Google Charts visualization API to create a chart on a website that has one area where a user can input a number that dynamically changes the chart and produces a different result. So for example the chart would show two products that have different price points and if the user enters one number (times used per month) it produces result A and if they enter a different number it would produce Result B. I have seen samples with a slider but would it be possible to do with a text (#) input?
  4. @Agnete What did you end up using for your store locator?
  5. Did this actually work? I can not get it to work. I think because even though when you hover the link looks like the file is on your site but in reality the file is being hosted on static.squarespace......
  6. @Jovianshadow I ran into the same issue when trying to set up a small print website and the answer is that Squarespace is not really designed for variants like that. Even Shopify is not really a good option since it has a limit on options (although it might be enough for you). I would look at other options like Ecwid which you can embed into a Squarespace site if you want or maybe even check out the new square e-commerce website builder. There are of course other options depending on budget and needs. There are workarounds if you are determined to make it work on Squarespace; you could try depending on the complexity of your options breaking the options into different products altogether. So instead of having size as a variant, each size becomes a different product. I would also look into setting them all up on a spreadsheet and importing as it makes setting up all the SKU's simpler. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000378108-Importing-products-from-a-csv
  7. This works, I was having issues getting a muse parallax page with svg files working and for some reason uploading the styles and scripts via developer mode was not working so I tried this method and it actually works. So Happy.
  8. As brought up here: http://answers.squarespace.com/questions/8532/folder-navigation-top-folder-doesnt-link-to-anything-can-i-get-it-to-or-remove-link-behavior Folders should have a click through link so that it can be clicked to go to another page. It should work the same as a regular folder in that it should still have an active colour if that has been set so that if you are on a page that is held within that folder or the page the folder link is connected to the "active color" works. Please vote up if you agree. Another possible option is to make a special kind of page that works like a folder in that anything placed under it shows up in navigation as a drop down but it is also a normal page and can have content on it. That would save having to create a special no linked page that works with the pass through. Maybe have a check box or such for people that want it to just act like a normal Folder.
  9. Also another drawback is the fact that if you have active links set to a special colour it kills it so you don't see that colour when yo are in that folder.
  10. This is a good work around but should totally be built into the folders. You should be able to set it like you would a pass through link on a gallery image.
  11. It seems the simplest solution to this would be for them to add a click through like has been done on other items.
  12. I just posted about something like this - the only automated way to do it is to actually include the page rather than the link. The folder automatically clicks to the first normal page (NOT BLOG) it finds in the folder. I just posted saying there should be an open that says the click opens to a predefined link. The problem with putting the page in there is that it makes two links to the same page - the actually Main Nav Link and the page in the drop down. Kinda redundant.
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