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  1. @Agnete What did you end up using for your store locator?
  2. Did this actually work? I can not get it to work. I think because even though when you hover the link looks like the file is on your site but in reality the file is being hosted on static.squarespace......
  3. @Jovianshadow I ran into the same issue when trying to set up a small print website and the answer is that Squarespace is not really designed for variants like that. Even Shopify is not really a good option since it has a limit on options (although it might be enough for you). I would look at other options like Ecwid which you can embed into a Squarespace site if you want or maybe even check out the new square e-commerce website builder. There are of course other options depending on budget and needs. There are workarounds if you are determined to make it work on Squarespace; you could t
  4. This works, I was having issues getting a muse parallax page with svg files working and for some reason uploading the styles and scripts via developer mode was not working so I tried this method and it actually works. So Happy.
  5. Or if it was possible the ability to only edit Text within the site but no ability to actually move or delete things on other types of pages. That way a writer could be allowed access with no worries of them accidentally deleting or moving something by mistake. Of course on Blog pages they could add in a image or other items but for regular pages they could only change text in text boxes and of course could not see or change any other type of settings. Within this "Content Contributor" could be options like. Can only submit: Blogs, Galleries, Edit Text on Pages, Ect....
  6. Sort of a step in the right direction. I think what most people want is something that could be called a "Content Contributor" where they could post to a blog or gallery but not see anything else and maybe as a option be limited to "Draft" only so someone with higher authority can decide whether it can be posted.
  7. You need to put this code into the custom CSS editor and not the Code Injection area. You can put it into code injection but you have to put at the end. But it is better to put it into the Custom CSS Editor. Here is my site that I am working on currently as an example: https://utopiaprint.squarespace.com/
  8. I ended up just making the whole header opacity less than 100% Did not even touch the option in the styles. I also made it fixed so it is always at the top of the page. #header { position: fixed; padding: 0; height: 150px; background-color: rgba(0,84,97,0.85)!important; }
  9. Hi Lauren, I think you were asking about the New Squarespace Buttons you have for the Gallery & Blog? If so here is what you want. Of course you can play with the number to get your desired effect. .sqs-block-button .sqs-block-button-element { margin: -10px; } You can further customize with block or page ids to isolate to only certain buttons. I have used the below code here (http://www.abcra.ca/) along with some extra code to give a fixed width and also increase the default font size. I isoloated it to only that button by using the button block id. #block-7bd8966f6b9959a021c7.s
  10. +1 Here also. I have a client that wants to allow other contributors to write stories but wants to have final approval before they go live. A simple solution would be to have a check box for that contributor that says something like" Only allow to post for review/draft". It would also be great if there was a little check box that said. "Allow or disallow the ability to edit non-blog pages" So we can have them just touch Blog Content and not worry about other more "Designed Pages" Also would be great if similar buttons existed for Events, Galleries.
  11. As brought up here: http://answers.squarespace.com/questions/8532/folder-navigation-top-folder-doesnt-link-to-anything-can-i-get-it-to-or-remove-link-behavior Folders should have a click through link so that it can be clicked to go to another page. It should work the same as a regular folder in that it should still have an active colour if that has been set so that if you are on a page that is held within that folder or the page the folder link is connected to the "active color" works. Please vote up if you agree. Another possible option is to make a special kind of page that works like a f
  12. Also another drawback is the fact that if you have active links set to a special colour it kills it so you don't see that colour when yo are in that folder.
  13. This is a good work around but should totally be built into the folders. You should be able to set it like you would a pass through link on a gallery image.
  14. It seems the simplest solution to this would be for them to add a click through like has been done on other items.
  15. Hey Opolo, didn't mean to sound like I was de-legitimizing a feature that some people would like or find useful. I just think there is a difference between a feature that would make things better for some people and saying this is broken or bad. Maybe I mis-interpreted your responses with a combination of me not using the correct wording. I was trying to provide an alternative to those who want to offer free downloads. If you have a mix of free and paid items then I can totally see where a full free option that doesn't collect CC info would be useful.
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