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  1. @tuanphan https://easling-construction.squarespace.com/gallery/custom-home-1 pw: easling
  2. @tuanphan yes please - that would be great! https://easling-construction.squarespace.com/ pw: easling
  3. @tuanphan - no I just created a graphic as a place holder. Still need some assitance please.
  4. @tuanphan Sorry about that! https://easling-construction.squarespace.com/gallery/custom-home-1 pw: easling Thank you!
  5. @tuanphan Any chance you can help me with mine as well? I've added a section to the page that has: background image 2 columns, one with space on the left and one with a text on the right Are you able to provide the necessary code? https://easling-construction.squarespace.com/gallery/custom-home-modern-lake-house pw: easling Thanks in advance!!
  6. Just discovered the new auto-layout option in headlines to create a rotating banner with text - yay!! From what I can tell right now - it has to be clicked to change...hoping someone can help me have it auto-play/auto-scroll/loop? Maybe it's a an option but I'm just not seeing it? Thanks!
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