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  1. I just send you a message @paul2009
  2. Hi @tuanphan for this. I just bought the plugin and as it turns out, it's the same as the one I have (and isn't working). One thing I noticed on Squarepaste directions was that Ajax needed to be turned off. I'm in FIVE and I don't see where/if I can turn it off, according to SS's help pages. Maybe it's on by default and I can't change that? Maybe SS changed this between the time the code worked and then when it didn't? (This would have been between summer 2020 and summer 2021.)
  3. @tuanphan, I didn't because the window I needed it has past and I was worried about adding that much code when a tiny snippet worked previously. I'm going to hang tight until I need it again, which shouldn't be for another year. Thanks for checking in on me.
  4. Hi @tuanphan. Thanks for the suggestion. I checked again and that's all that's there. I checked on a previous year's form and that's all that's there as well. Maybe I did delete something by accident??
  5. Site URL: https://www.inspiredsm.com Hello all, Some kind soul gave me this a while back to limit the character count on a form. It's been working great for a few years, but suddenly stopped working. <span class="counter">700</span> characters remaining I'm working in FIVE 7.0 and I have this code placed in the description of the form field. It's on this page: https://www.inspiredsm.com/2021-ba-judges-registration Any ideas? Thank you for your wisdom.
  6. I tried it and see what you mean. UGH. Thank you both for helping me out with this @paul2009and @tuanphan. Here's another time when I wish I had started with Brine. But I didn't know then what I know now. Live and learn.
  7. I tried that, too, @paul2009 and it works! Thank you! It's just is so tiny now, it doesn't fill up the space well. Is there a way to use the logo on mobile instead of the site title? (I asked @tuanphan the same thing below.)
  8. Thank you! That works, @tuanphan, but it doesn't look so great. Is there a way to display the logo on mobile instead of the site name?
  9. Nevermind. They don't see it all either.
  10. Hmm. I did multiple times @Paul2009. Checked on Safari and Chrome on my iphone 12, and on another iphone SE. ?? I just rebooted and still no go. Weird. My kids see it ok.
  11. https://www.inspiredsm.com/ You helped me a while ago with the homepage image. Maybe that's getting in the way?
  12. Thank you, @tuanphan, but it didn't work. 😞
  13. I'd like to adjust mine as well. Five 7.0. Thank you!
  14. OMG. I thought I was going nuts. (Well, that's another topic.) I went to show a client today how the archive worked and it doesn't sort by specific tags or categories anymore! I'm on 7.0/Brine. What happened??
  15. For some reason, I think banner images should be on every page or not at all. Is this good thinking or are there instances where it makes sense to vary it up? Thanks!
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