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  1. I can't tell you how many times @tuanphanhas helped me solve both big problems (in my mind anyway) and small. He is awesome!

  2. @JAKB, you can use the checkbox option to create a terms and conditions requirement. See screenshot.
  3. @tuanphanhttps://www.inspiredsm.com/ba-entry-form/-2023
  4. PS This is 7.0 FIVE (Yeah. Why didn't I start with Brine?)
  5. I hope I can explain this effectively. I have a product that is an entry for an awards competition. I'm trying to make the entry process as clear as possible because in previous years folks got tripped up. (This is on me.) So, when someone goes to the product, they select the rate (early bird or standard), then enter the quantity (which is always 1 because you can only submit one entry at a time because of the info required on the form). I want the button here to say "Next, Complete Form." And it is. (Yay!) See screenshot. But then, once the person completes the form, I want the button to say "Add to Cart." Instead, it's repeating the "Next, Complete Form" and I don't know how to change it. See screenshot. Support says I can't change it, but I have a feeling you brilliant folks know how to do this maybe with code or with a plugin I can buy. Thanks for any insight you may have.
  6. I figured it out, @tuanphan! Thank you, anyway! <style>.Header, .Footer, .sqs-announcement-bar-dropzone, .Mobile-bar{display:none !important; }</style>
  7. @tuanphan I'm trying to create a microsite on Brine/7.0 for an annual report. I will use a cover page for the navigation and link to "stripped down" pages that don't have a header, footer, or announcement bar. I tried your code above, but this is what I'm getting. Can you help me please remove all the elements on desktop and mobile? Many thanks!! https://www.roxytherapydogs.org/artest
  8. Hi @tuanphan for this. I just bought the plugin and as it turns out, it's the same as the one I have (and isn't working). One thing I noticed on Squarepaste directions was that Ajax needed to be turned off. I'm in FIVE and I don't see where/if I can turn it off, according to SS's help pages. Maybe it's on by default and I can't change that? Maybe SS changed this between the time the code worked and then when it didn't? (This would have been between summer 2020 and summer 2021.)
  9. @tuanphan, I didn't because the window I needed it has past and I was worried about adding that much code when a tiny snippet worked previously. I'm going to hang tight until I need it again, which shouldn't be for another year. Thanks for checking in on me.
  10. Hi @tuanphan. Thanks for the suggestion. I checked again and that's all that's there. I checked on a previous year's form and that's all that's there as well. Maybe I did delete something by accident??
  11. Site URL: https://www.inspiredsm.com Hello all, Some kind soul gave me this a while back to limit the character count on a form. It's been working great for a few years, but suddenly stopped working. <span class="counter">700</span> characters remaining I'm working in FIVE 7.0 and I have this code placed in the description of the form field. It's on this page: https://www.inspiredsm.com/2021-ba-judges-registration Any ideas? Thank you for your wisdom.
  12. I tried it and see what you mean. UGH. Thank you both for helping me out with this @paul2009and @tuanphan. Here's another time when I wish I had started with Brine. But I didn't know then what I know now. Live and learn.
  13. I tried that, too, @paul2009 and it works! Thank you! It's just is so tiny now, it doesn't fill up the space well. Is there a way to use the logo on mobile instead of the site title? (I asked @tuanphan the same thing below.)
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