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Blog post categories not saving

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Site URL: https://accountingheart.com.au

Client has a blog which doesn't currently have categories.  Trying to set up a category master list so that they can go into each post and select categories to assign to.  

When I go into blog settings and Advanced, Manage Categories, it says To manage categories, add them to posts in this blog first.

So I go into a post, then add in all categories, save, but then can still not add to master list per above.

In some posts cannot save categories at all to individual posts.

Feels like a bug somewhere?

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Categories are created in a post not in the advance/manage categories field. You can edit them or delete them from there only. You can add a post in a blog or edit one, down where it says categories click on that then create as many cats as you want. Hit enter after you type in each one. Then they will show up in the category list and in the  advanced manage categories field. You don't have to save the post or changes to a post for the categories to be saved. 

To add categories to 7.1 edit a post by clicking on the tree dots, choose settings, then options, then categories and add one by typing in the add categories here field, then hit enter. The manage categories is in blog page settings advanced manage categories. You can delete or edit there as well. 

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