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  1. Site URL: https://pontoonbridge.co.uk/buy-a-saltwater-boat/sailmaster-22d Hi there, I'm trying to achieve the look of the Gallery Grid Strips effect that you can add with a gallery page section in a gallery block that i've added to a blog post. The general idea is that the images are arranged in a tidy fashion. At present I have a plugin installed that converts the blog gallery grid to masonry. While that works ok it isnt exactly the look i want. I'd like the images to fill the block evenly with no images overhanging at the bottom. As you can see from the screenshot. Anyone
  2. Interesting that it worked on the fourth ISP. How strange? I'm talking to SS at the moment and like you they're not seeing an issue. Update: This does indeed seem to be an ISP issue. I use Virgin Media 200mbs at Home and all devices on my home network have the issue. However using THREE UK 5G no problems at all. Very Odd! Thompson i'd be interested to know what ISP's you tested that were giving you problems?
  3. I would strongly suggest anyone who has a site on 7.0 check their site on mobile. I have found all the 7.0 sites that I manage have a BIG issue. The homepages load fine. But go to the menu and navigate to another page and there is a 10 sec hang before the next page begins to load. I have emailed Squarespace about the issue and i would advise anyone else who is having problems to do the same.
  4. Are you using 7.1? Did you copy and paste the code into Settings>Advanced>Code Injection> Header ?
  5. Hi, I'm having issues with my events page too in 7.1. I was wondering if anyone knows how i can change my logo on all Events sub pages. So when the user clicks on an event from the events page the logo is a different colour. I have managed to do this with blog posts by using code in the blog items header but this isn't an option with events pages. Many thanks.
  6. I'm Having a Similar issue TLS. I think that if the product has an infinite stock level then there should be an option to have infinite variations with a mark up on just that variable. So if the customer selects variable X then the price is marked up by a specified amount, if they choose option Y there's another mark up etc. This way if you had 5 or even 6 variables you'd only need to input the variable once. The last two sites i've worked on i've run into issues. As soon as you have 2 or 3 product variations the number of combinations starts to grow exponentially. I've n
  7. jfranklin45 I've not tried this on SQS 7.0 with an index page. However step 1 and step 2 make sure the href #xyz matches the div ID in step 2 div id='xyz'. Also make sure that the divID in step 2 is unique. You cannot repeat ID's on the same page. Hope you got it working.
  8. I used this and it worked well .header-nav-folder-content { transition: all 0.5s ease-in-out !important; } .header-nav-folder-content:hover { transition: all 0.5s ease-in-out !important; }
  9. I was trying this out in 7.1. I have a full height banner and wanted to see if i could get this scroll arrow to take me to the next section on click. I had to make a couple of adjustments to get it to work. 1. I put in a code block under my last element on the banner section. But instead of using a <div> i used <a> <a href="#first-section" class="bounce"></a> 2. I then went to the second section underneath (where i want the user to go to) and put in a code block and entered a blank <div> with an id to act as an anchor. <div id="first-sec
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