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  1. Great that you have code for this. There is also slideshow gallery with Autoplay and you can adjust the speed from 1-10. It's the gallery type Simple Slideshow, and scroll down to edit the Autoplay and Slide Duration settings.
  2. You can do it by creating images for your testimonials and then use a gallery block, slideshow: simple, turn on autoplay. Hopefully this feature will be added back in, there is also a paid plugin for it, but I have not tried it.
  3. That was it. I put this code in the section for lock-screen and it is solved. Thank you very much tuanphan! <style id="slide-styles" type="text/css"> .scrim{background-color: transparent!important; </style>
  4. Site URL: https://www.starrysummers.com/ Has anyone found a solution to override the default gray color that overlays on a lock-screen image? I've tried to override it CSS but can't get anything to work, and there is no option right now style settings for lock-screen image overlays, unlike other areas where a background image has a property to set from 0-100 opacity for an overlay, you can't do that for the lock-screen image. Thanks in advance for any suggestions on this issue. CV
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