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  1. How did this work out? I'm doing something similar with a client with only three emails to transfer. Did they lose any emails? Is there a way to transfer the emails before the domain or prep so it goes smoothly? Thanks
  2. Site URL: https://raymortenson.squarespace.com/meadowland-journal-lightbox?itemId=yqusrd4unfpmgo14uuxwlo5rw5wog6 I'm trying to add links in the description / captions of images in a gallery lightbox. The page example is here: https://raymortenson.squarespace.com/meadowland-journal-lightbox?itemId=yqusrd4unfpmgo14uuxwlo5rw5wog6 Any ideas if this is possible? Many thanks!
  3. Thanks @tuanphan I'm on the hunt for a solution - annoying that it's so hard.
  4. interesting - not sure if that will work or not. I'm trying to get a 7.1 template to have links when images open in lightbox. When I just put in a href links it doesn't transfer to the lightbox.
  5. I'm working on this as well - I like the gallery grid strips but I need the images to stay the same height consistently. Currently the bottom row's height gets larger so that it can fill the space to the edge of the space. I don't care that the images are justified into the block I care that they are the same size.
  6. sorry yes - I moved the grid to in inner page: https://raymortenson.squarespace.com/projects Ideally I would like the size of the images locked and the images centered with the number of columns determined by the browser screen but I'm not sure it that is too far outside the realm of the 7.1 Gallery.
  7. Hello, I'm returning to this issue and working to get this image's caption to have a link: https://raymortenson.squarespace.com/meadowland-journal-lightbox?itemId=yqusrd4unfpmgo14uuxwlo5rw5wog6 the image caption is currently: untitled, Meadowland Journal, image no. 4-30-09 1 1-11, <a href="https://google.com">view the video here.</a> thanks
  8. @tuanphan No I need up using the gallery strips - which work on this page: https://raymortenson.squarespace.com/projects/meadowland-journal pretty good but maybe not 100?
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. currently, (lets use this image with caption as an example: https://raymortenson.squarespace.com/meadowland-journal-lightbox?itemId=yqusrd4unfpmgo14uuxwlo5rw5wog6 has a link in the descriptions of: untitled, Meadowland Journal, image no. 4-30-09 1 1-11, <a href="https://google.com">view the video here.</a> but the link doesn't work. I suspect it might be related to the caption text not being selectable?
  10. Site URL: https://raymortenson.squarespace.com/ Is there a way to center the grid of images on the main page? So there would be 4 image centered and then 3 centered below. https://raymortenson.squarespace.com I'm in production to the p is Portfolio Maybe this isn't possible because the columns are coded into the template? Is there another way? thanks
  11. Site URL: https://raymortenson.squarespace.com Hey all, I am woking on styling the captions of a site – https://raymortenson.squarespace.com (in production so pw: Portfolio) this project page for example: https://raymortenson.squarespace.com/projects/natural-landscape I'll break out separate posts for additional questions. I want to add links to the captions. I've tried a few things but nothing works so far. thanks
  12. Site URL: https://raymortenson.squarespace.com/index https://raymortenson.squarespace.com/index pw: Portfolio I'm looking to make all the lower block images the same height. I've tried: div#block-yui_3_17_2_1_1603656731005_8501 { max-height: 30px; margin: 0 auto; } but it's adjusting the height of the row not the image itself. thanks!
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