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  1. Site URL: https://lilyrothrock.com Hi, I'm updating my website right now. Pretty large overhaul (I'm shifting my focus of my business). I've been on 7.0 since 2015 and have a legacy plan that's under $100/yr. It has some serious limitations (like no more than 20 pages), and I'm increasingly hating the editing user face. I've been designing client websites in 7.1 for a year now, and I really like how streamlined the design is. I am finding that I'm wishing my website was on 7.1. I know a lot of people here were pretty upset when 7.1 got rolled out, and I'm wondering what pe
  2. Site URL: https://www.wombconnections.com Hi, My client asked to always have 2 hr blocks for each session. She offers 60 and 90 minute sessions. She wants to make sure that no matter what, each time someone books, she has 2 hrs to spend with them if she needs that time. I am wondering what the best way to set it up in Squarespace Scheduler would be to ensure this? I think that sessions could start at anytime, but perhaps making them so all appointments were on the hour (1pm, 2pm, 3 pm, etc) would make it easier. I'm not sure if I should set a time limit after appointments, or if
  3. I am in an herbalist business owners group on FB and someone posted that they found a way to do this, though not ideal by any means. Square offers CBD accounts, and square integrates with Ecwid ecommerce. So they have a squarespace website, and they integrate the Ecwid products on that website, and the payments are processed via their square CBD account. I want to see a better solution. I have a fully legal client with CBD licenses who can’t sell on her squarespace site and for obvious reasons, doesn’t want to source through a third party commerce app.
  4. Site URL: https://lilyrothrock.com/services Hi, I have a custom html table for my services on my services page www.lilyrothrock.com/services The first time you load the page, it doesn't show. you have to reload it for it to show! here's the code <div class="table table--4cols"> <div style="order:0;" class="table-cell cell-1 table-cell--head"></div> <div style="order:1;" class="table-cell cell-1 table-cell--head"></div> <div style="order:2;" class="table-cell cell-1"> <div class="help-tip"><p>Written content that does a dam
  5. Site URL: https://whale-mushroom-t6kh.squarespace.com I'm not sure why when I change the image lock to a card (anything other than inline), it adds an opacity over the image. How do I remove the image overlay?
  6. Thanks, @tuanphan I put this into both the settings of the index page and the settings of the top banner and it didn't work... any other ideas?
  7. Site URL: https://www.centerforlearningandresilience.org I have the site tagline set to visible in the header for all pages. I want to remove it for the home page (or move it above the banner). The home page is an index page, Impact template. how do I remove the tagline on this page only? "a place for children, families and community"
  8. As far as I'm aware of, it's possible to do this on Squarespace, but It's not a part of their platform. If this is high priority, i'd suggest finding software that's designed for these kinds of things. Edit: I've been on vacation! I forgot that Squarespace is implementing "Customer Accounts"...not sure when it's ready.
  9. I'm curious about building a website for a similar kind of event. Nice to see your question already here. I'm wondering if you thought about how big your attendee lists are and how you're going to handle registration lists? I haven't used the squarespace integrations into google sheets in a while. It seems like in order to sell tickets on square pace for, say 250 people registering, and to keep all the attendee info organized so you can check them in, find emergency contact info, etc, you'd have to have someone on your event team that's willing to do some spreadsheet work for you to org
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