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  1. Why does my heading one glitch for the first 5 seconds and then go normal Website https://www.besttorahstories.com/
  2. This is a clients website that they want redone https://nadlanmanagement.com Will I be able to recreate everything with squarespace. How does squarespace work with the login portal. On the website it dosent look like a third party that looks in house can i do that with squarespace where people pay for a property in the portal? Thx
  3. besttorahstories.com i want the first video on the torah scribe page to fill the space
  4. besttorahstories.com i want the first video on the torah scribe page to fill the space
  5. https://flounder-cinnamon-c45l.squarespace.com/ Password website Help with clients website i want a separate image on my mobile home section i found some video but it was putting the image on all my pages
  6. do you know how i can use a separate image on mobile in my hero section then the one on my desktop
  7. https://flounder-cinnamon-c45l.squarespace.com/ Password website How would i make my header navigation links be in a straight line
  8. how would i replicate this image slider on this website https://www.goood.studio/home#about i want to do something like this on my website https://www.sbwebcreators.com/
  9. https://helix-opossum-2tjp.squarespace.com/ Password website I'm using audio blocks and its cutting off the time on some devices also on iphone its glitching out and going to a new page i need help thanks in advance.
  10. The audio time on mobile is getting cut off how would i bring it more center on all my audioblocks on mobile only? Website https://helix-opossum-2tjp.squarespace.com/ Password is website
  11. https://flounder-cinnamon-c45l.squarespace.com/
  12. Password website I'm just wondering if you guys have any ideas with the design of the website i like how it looks on desktop but not really on mobile anything help. Thank a lot.
  13. Whats the best way to make a registration form for a school and take a fee can you do it within squarespace easily or are there other platforms to that integrate nicely?
  14. How can I have jump links to jump to different sections in my blog
  15. They sent me this I need help understanding what it means and how to pull it off Idx site with listing feeds - ability to feature communities for SEO purposes, ability to add pages (agent and feed their listings as well). Commercial component for available spaces - look at bex realty https://www.bexrealty.com
  16. how would i add a payment method to a form like to rsvp to an event and you put in your credit card on the form thx
  17. Password is website I want to make a checkerboard design on my services page. I want all the pictures the same size and no gaps, as you see the bottom picture is wider than the top two how do i fix it so there's no gaps and its even thx
  18. https://teal-copper-6ed7.squarespace.com/services Password website
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