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  1. Hi there. I have a delay on my navigation bar but when it slides down it moves everything within that first section down. How do I keep it from doing this? thank you!
  2. It didn't work but I ended up doing something completely different anyway.
  3. This is how it looks when I share the link of my website (first image). I would like it to look like the second image. How do I do that?
  4. thank you! do you know how to make the side margins of the carousel larger? There is more of a gap in between the items than on the side (on your example and on my website) and it looks weird. Also, the images on mobile are way to big They should have more padding around them.
  5. Hi there, Can some one provide me with code to make my images in my Simple List carousel an archway shape. Thank you!
  6. Hi there, How do I add padding / increase margins to the outside of my carousel, so in between the edge of the website and the carousel card? thank you!
  7. Figured it out using this code: li.list-item { position: relative; } .list-item-content__button-container { position: static; } a.list-item-content__button.sqs-block-button-element { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; z-index: 9999; color: transparent !important; background-color: transparent !important; border: none !important; } .list-item-content__button-container { position: static !important; transform: unset !important; } a.list-item-content__button.sqs-block-button-element:before { visibility: hidden; }
  8. Actually I do need help. So I can't just have no text as the button because it fails the WAVE accessibilities compliance. I need code that hides the button link. Right now when I turn the button off it takes me to an undefined page. Help please!
  9. Ideally I want all my slideshow reels to show up as 1x1 on mobile but I can't seem to do that, so I tried just making the height of the slideshow taller which worked on the desktop but the mobile is staying the same. Also the height is different on the mobile viewer on Squarespace than it is in real life on my phone. Help please!
  10. Ah, I figured it out. You don't hide the link but erase everything in the link title section.
  11. hi @Ziggy so it's not working. I have set the link to the button and then hide the button. The button link works fine, but when I hide it the link doesn't work. it's sending me to an undefined page. It sends me to an error page. Here is the page: https://del-marcos-hotel.squarespace.com/
  12. Is there a way to make each card a button and not have the button at the bottom?
  13. Hi there! I'm trying to add a while border to all images in a specific section. I'm using this code for each blockID #block-0c00759fd0846c881ded { border: 8px solid white; padding: -8px; } The issue is that it's making the image not fit inside the wrapper anymore, which isn't that big of a deal on desktop but on web it means everything is slightly off. See image below. So two questions: 1. How do I set the stroke to align to the inside of the image wrapper so the image stays within the box I've made for it. 2. How do I add it to all images in a section without having to call out each blockID individually
  14. I'm trying to add custom code to specific buttons that removed the background color and instead adds an underline on hover. I've got that figured out but I want the underline to only be present over the text and not the full size of the button. I also tried just making a text block with a hyperlink that had the animation show up on hover but it seems to be adding two lines, one very thin and one thicker right below it. Here is the code I have for the specific blocks: #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1691079017351_15719 .sqs-block-button-element:hover { background-color: transparent !important; color: black; border-bottom: .5px solid currentColor; }
  15. In the Design Tab of the Edit Image Block panel I don't have an Advanced option. Is this a feature in a higher service plan? I'm currently in the business plan.
  16. Thank you so much for your help. Where are the image block settings? I don't have a Design tab, I only have Custom CSS at the bottom of the Pages tab.
  17. Hi there, I'm looking for some help to have a specific image scroll from left to right as it appears in the viewport. This is for Squarespace 7.1 Fluid Engine where image animations are not part of the design process, so I'll need to add a code injection and Custom CSS I think. The website isn't live yet so I can't offer a link.
  18. Interestingly, it works fine on Safari but I can't get it to show up on Chrome. It's fine though, the image effects are all pretty terrible anyway. I was hoping for animation effects.
  19. Hi there, the image effect panel is blank on my squarespace, any idea how I can fix this?
  20. It's not live yet, is there a way to do it before it's published?
  21. I'm looking for the answer to this too! I want the Burger menu on the left and the header buttons on the right!
  22. Figured it out! I used this code: @media only screen and (max-width: 1180px) { #block-98a3bb1f056e54be9646 { display: none; } }
  23. Hi there, I made this temporary header that scrolls away when you move down the page past the image (when the real header drops down) but I don't want the buttons to appear when the browser size gets smaller than a certain size. I have custom css attached to the each button (using #bloc) to make them turn white on hover, so I probably just need to add more code to each one. Not sure! Any help would be appreciated. The site isn't live yet so I can't send a link.
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