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  1. Here's the solution https://madebydave.org/blog/how-to-change-the-courses-text-for-start-course-lesson-and-more-squarespace-71
  2. This plugin from @paul2009 might solve the problem for you https://sf.digital/breadcrumbs-extension
  3. Do you want a full-width border? If so, you can do this within the settings. Go to Edit Site Header Edit Design Border
  4. Here's some constructive feedback for you. - Site Title - Replace "SW" with "Sadari Wellness | Customized Health and Wellness Coaching" By doing this it will help with your SEO as you have got the business name and keywords in their. - Favicon - replace the grey box with your own custom icon, even if it's a yellow square for example. - The second button "Book Consultation" URL goes to 'Page not found' - Change the text so it's "Book a Consultation" and then change the URL as per the below. Either add this into URL Mapping or just swap the button and make the URL open in a new tab. /book-a-consultation -> https://calendly.com/sadariwellness/intro-session?month=2024-04 302 - Hyperlink the email address at the bottom so when clicked it can open a new email message. Add the following link to make that work. mailto:info@sadariwellness.com --- The site in general is clean and clear so well done on that.
  5. Here you go -> https://www.will-myers.com/products/p/accordion-dropdown-plugin-for-squarespace
  6. If you add the following to Custom CSS, it should add a border radius to all images. This can save you time changing all images one by one. Adjust the number to your preference. img { border-radius: 25px; } If you want to just target the Products themselves, use the following within Custom CSS. div.products img { border-radius: 25px !important; }
  7. On a similar topic - what about turning Auto Complete ON for the contact forms? So based on what's been stored on the users browser, enable it on a contact form. Is this possible?
  8. When editing a "code block" in mobile view, it seems that there is an issue where there is a minimum height that is being set. This causes issues when you want to make the code block much smaller on mobile. An example is an 'anchor link' where you need to have a hidden code block present on the page, but you currently can't adjust the height. Am I missing something or is this an issue?
  9. The social platforms have their own caching so using this should help for Twitter https://cards-dev.twitter.com/validator As for Facebook, you need to use Facebook Debugger For LinkedIn, use LinkedIn Post Inspector
  10. Look under "SEO" tab with the page settings....it's there. It's something I'm sure SqSp will get to at some point and fix.
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