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  1. You probably copy-and-pasted from another source that has HTML code embedded in it. Here is an easy solution: * Copy your entire product description. * Paste it into Notepad (this strips out all the hidden HTML code and unusual or unreadable characters) * Copy the description in Notepad (yes, copy the text that you just pasted. This replaces the characters in your clipboard memory with pure, readable characters). * Paste the description into your Product description. This should fix the issue.
  2. Wow, I would have never used the Squarespace Invoicing feature if I had known we can't change the status to paid. People still use cash, you know.
  3. As of mid-2024, apparently SquareSpace has added "Invoicing" to the Commerce menu. You can now invoice for services and/or products that haven't been paid for yet. I just tried it and it apparently works. Unfortunately, pending invoices do not show up in the list of "Recent Orders". To view invoices, you need to go to "Invoicing" > "Invoices".
  4. I found the solution: * Go to "Selling" > "Selling Tools" > "Product Reviews" > click the gear symbol in upper right * Toggle OFF then back ON the "Request reviews". * the options below will all now be enabled.
  5. The product reviews used to be displayed but they disappeared at some point. As of May of 2024 the product reviews are not being displayed on the customer's view of our website. All of our reviews are set to "Public" visibility, yet nothing is being displayed. On the dashboard "Product Reviews" the "Request Reviews" is enabled but all the other options below are disabled and grayed out such as "Display". Is there a trick to get the reviews to be displayed again?
  6. I have the same problem. It was displayed for a while on my business site but something changed and now the reviews are no longer displayed, even though my "visibility" setting is set to "Public" for all of them.
  7. We also take customer orders over the phone and enter the info for them. When we mis-type a customer's name, we have to live with it - why risk getting an entire order cancelled by having them re-do the order? There should be some over-ride ability to change an order.
  8. I sell a very heavy and bulky product that is not very expensive. I lose a lot of sales due to the psychological effect of customer's rejecting the relatively high shipping cost (i.e. product cost $150 but shipping is an additional $90). I've learned that I can increase the cost of my product to $200 and reduce the shipping cost to $45 and make more sales. PROBLEM: Squarespace's "markup" doesn't allow anything but an increase in the shipping cost, not a reduction. I don't want to keep screwing around with my product dimensions and weights trying to "chase" the desired reduction. It doesn't work anyway due to the screwy way the carriers have to calculate their cost. I need a simple, behind-the-scenes "50%" reduction on the carrier's calculated rate. Has anyone found a workaround or solution?
  9. This may not help everyone, but I was getting import errors when I discovered that the number formats need to be exactly the same for all variants of a product. I have a product that comes in lengths of half inches. "0.5", "1", "1.5", "2" did not import and generated a weird error. But the following fix worked "0.5", "1.5", "2.0", "2.5".
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