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  1. Hi, sorry for the late response, since the problem occurs site-wide, I added another page with an image without adding padding in css. The link is: https://www.tgtfresh.com/alignment-issues thanks!
  2. Sorry for the late response, been a bit busy lately. The code hasn't worked, and if I'd want the symbol to be there it would still be unaligned. It's okay if it can't be changed, you've helped with the most important issues already, thanks!
  3. Hi, sorry for the late response, and being vague, the position of the arrow was fine, but the name of the menu itself is no longer aligned with other navigation links.
  4. Thanks for the response! For 2, the code works, but the menu (outside of the folder) is now too far up, not centered. Is there a way to only change the alignment of the folder content menu, and not the whole menu? For 3, the code only changed the position of the arrow, and the link text is still not aligned.
  5. Hi, I removed the section in the picture, but the problem exists in every page on the site, I've added padding to their tops to make them appear centered. A couple of examples after I removed the padding top in css:
  6. Thank you so much for this! I've just got a couple of questions - for 2, is it possible to only move the position for the folder? And for 3, is it possible to move it up a bit in line with the other navigation links? 2. 3.
  7. I found this as a fix, however, the top of the map and the opening hours are cut. Is there a way to achieve this without cutting the top of those functions? .sqs-mobile-info-bar { z-index: 10; }
  8. Site URL: https://tgtfresh.com/ The mobile information bar covers the social links in the mobile overlay menu. I did make the mobile information bar sticky, but it only affects it when scrolling down. Without any modification, since the overlay menu is accessed from the top of the screen, the social links are still covered. Is there any way to fix this, like hiding the mobile information bar when the overlay navigation is open? If not, is there a way to move/hide the social links on mobile? Thanks!
  9. Site URL: https://tgtfresh.com/ 1. My site is in Mandarin, and I've kept everything in the navigation to four characters, so they'd sit flush, however, one of the is a folder, and sticks out like a sore thumb because of the arrow. Is there a way to make it in line with the others, while keeping the arrow? (so people know it's a folder) 2. The navigation folder on mobile, for some reason, is lower. Is there a way to move it up? 3. On desktop, is there a way to add an arrow (like on mobile) to the side or bottom of the folder? Also, is there a way to make the menu more narrow? (as close to the four characters as possible) Thanks!
  10. Site URL: https://tgtfresh.com/ Recently, I became aware of the fact that all of my sections are only vertically centered in edit, and would move closer to the top when not in edit mode. I manually centered some of them by css padding, but, I still can't find the reason behind this. Could this be a result of one of my earlier code injections? (This problem exists universally throughout the site, I'm currently using css padding to make them appear centered) Thanks!
  11. Site URL: https://tgtfresh.squarespace.com/ password: 0815 (it's in mandarin) Since learning that my country and its currency (Taiwan) are not supported by Squarespace Commerce, I've tried, and partially successfully changed some portions of my store into using the Shopify Buy Button system. However, since I'm quite bad at these things, I've found Shopify's interface, and the embedding system particularly confusing, and haven't been able to recreate many of the key elements that previously existed in my Squarespace shop. I was wondering if anyone has experiences with, or examples of, successful/functioning implementations of this on their Squarespace shop. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Some of the key issues that I encountered: Needing bigger product pop-ups after clicking "open product details" No zooming when hovering over product pictures with cursor No way of organizing the store (like how it's automatically done with tabs and breadcrumbs with Squarespace) (If some products overlap in their categories, would I have to just do duplicates?) Can't customize the cart at all / Is there a way to replace the original cart on the top right with the Shopify one? Or at least move / change the appearance of it (I have hidden the original cart, and hidden the footer add to cart so the Shopify cart appears universally) (Is there a way of sorting with a drop down menu?) (Is there a way of having more than one product per row on mobile, and more than 3 per row on desktop?) (If the pop ups cannot be enlarged / covering the page, and I'd have to use shortcuts to new pages to mimic a shop, which format would be best as a replacement store as a hub to redirect to each product?
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