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  1. Awesome! Thank you! I've been able to remove the top padding on the desktop version but not on the mobile version. Any tips?
  2. Sorry! It's on the contact page.
  3. Hi, I can't make it work on this website: https://bndmiami.squarespace.com/. It looks great on another website, but after adding the same page layout it's still not working on this one. UPDATED: I just found out that the difference was the website width. But I still can't remove the padding at the bottom of the section. Any tips?
  4. Awesome! Thank you @paul2009! Are there any cons of messing with the DNS records tho? I've checked their demo site and founded out that if you add a product to the cart using the English version and then switch to the French version, the cart is empty. This is because they use subdomains to solve this translation issue. This doesn't look like a big problem to me but it made me wonder if there are some other cons of using this method to translate the checkout page. Have you tested it? Thanks again, Paul!
  5. Is there any way to show the checkout page in different languages? I know it's possible to translate it from the Settings menu, but then I have to choose one single language. I've checked Weglot but it looks like they've found a solution to translate all the pages but the checkout page. Is there any code that I could inject to do so? Any help will be truly appreciated. Thanks!
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