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  1. @tuanphan https://asparagus-dahlia-3mf3.squarespace.com/education/blog-post-title-two-afelk pw:dallas
  2. I have adobe typekit setup through custom CSS for all of my h1 to h4 fonts but my blog headlines are showing the standard theme style. Does anyone know how I can edit the CSS so the blog headlines match the rest of the site?
  3. @bangank36 clearly I am doing something wrong. I still get the link icon. Font face goes into the CSS correct? Footer goes into code injection correct? Header goes into code injection correct?
  4. Well that makes sense, any suggestions on what to do?
  5. The CSS and code injection in this thread doesn't work. Whats the correct code for 7.1? https://sturgeon-round-l39b.squarespace.com/ pw: dallas
  6. wearegenerous.agency I tried the 7.0 script but don't think I did it correctly. The folder page title is 'How We Help' with the url 'services' and the page it needs to link to is 'services overview' with the url 'services-overview' <script> $( ( ) => { /* begin make navigation folders clickable SS Version : 7.0 Template : Marquee template family */ const folderNavigationTitleUrlMappings = { /* the format of each line is the folder page Navigation Title and the URL for the folder for each folder page copy value from Folder Settings > General > NAVIGATION TITLE field. you only need exactly what can be selected from the field */ // '[enter folder page navigation title here]' : '[enter url here]', ‘How We Help : ‘/services, // last or only item doesn't get a comma at end of line ‘Services overview’ : '/services-‘overview } // do not change anything below, there be the borg here $( '.main-nav .folder-parent > a' ).each ( function ( ) { let $this = $( this ); const folderNavigationTitle = $this.text ( ); const url = folderNavigationTitleUrlMappings [ folderNavigationTitle ]; if ( url == undefined ) return true; $this.attr ( 'href', url ); } ); // end make navigation folders clickable } ); </script>
  7. Whats the correct script to use to make a folder clickable on 7.0? Erik
  8. Can someone help me add the tiktok social icon to the header of my squarespace website? It's been months on this forum with zero help.
  9. Can someone help me add the tiktok logo to the header as a social link? I tried adding the header code to the custom CSS and the code injection in the header. FYI. The site is not published yet.
  10. I am trying to follow this but have a little trouble. Does the header code get placed into the custom CSS section then you add the tiktok URL to the social links when you edit the header? Erik
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