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  1. I tried this but the list of blogs still ordered by actual date I created them and not by "publication date". How does one get blogs on the list to be in order of "publication date"? Thanks.
  2. This worked - thanks @christyprice. But...instead of doing this, do you know if there a way to insert a background colour - not on an individual blog post, but one that appears consistently/automatically whenever you write a new post? I know I can insert a background for the header/logo/navigation section, but it has to be done manually each time I create a blog post. Would love it to just be there each time I create a new post. Possible?
  3. Unfortunately I cannot help you as I have the same question - how to have a standard header background for navigation/logo section on blog posts (v7.1) without having to upload a background each time I create a blog post (and so logo and navigation don't disappear into whitespace).
  4. I, too, am looking for a 7.1 Template closest to Moksha, and I don't see how the suggested template, 'Utica' is at all similar. Is there another template more closely related? Thanks.
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