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  1. The small text is excerpt-text. It´s blogposts without pictures.
  2. Site URL: http://www.bystoy.no Hello! The Excerpt-text to my blog posts are pretty small. I´ve tried to to go Design --> Fonts and changed both Heading and Paragraph size, but nothing works. How do I get the text bigger in size? Thanks!
  3. Thanks, Tuanphan! Where in the text do I add this?
  4. Site URL: https://www.bystoy.no/nyheter/oppdag-magnolia-red Hi all! I added a quote-text. In the editor, the quote line to the left of the quote is showing, making it more obvious that it is a quote, but on the website it´s not showing. How come? Is there a fix for this? Thanks for any replies!
  5. Hello! Is it possible to move the order of the blogposts without deleting them and creating a new one? As in the picture, I suddently want the "YouTube" one on the bottom, to be on the top. As it gets to the far left on the blogpage. Is there a way or do I have to delete it and create a new one?
  6. Hello! Is it possible to "pause" my website? As if I want to make bigger changes, when people try to visit my www.domain.com they only get to an 404-page or whatever?
  7. Thanks for the reply, Tuanphan. I adjusted the section height and removed a "Spacer", and it looks good now. I should have tried this myself before asking you guys. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  8. Just started a trial to find out if this is something I want to proceed with and start my subription. Hello! Is it possible to make the space between the two "colums" tighter? I want the space between the text to be closer (Over and under the blue line in the middle) Is this possible? -Ludvig
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