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  1. My site sells items which I manufacture after ordering. I manufacture the items from different suppliers in different countries. eg If the item is to be shipped to Australia, then I have an Australian Manufacturer. If shipped to Hong Kong, I have a Hong Kong manufacturer. Some manufacturers can't supply certain variants. Is it possible to make some variants unavailable to certain shipping countries? For example if the person has chosen a certain size and then comes to checkout, can it say the item is not available?
  2. My alignment problem isn’t as bad as the others but you can see it still. It would be good if it could scroll like in the original template. https://stephenchowphotography.com/shop
  3. Yes - you were helping me at this thread, but it didn't seem to work: https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/162829-how-do-i-disable-product-image-cropping-on-mobile/?do=findComment&comment=432441
  4. Unfortunately this didn’t work well. It squeezed the photo to fit instead:
  5. I am having the same problem, but this CSS didn't help. Any ideas? https://stephenchowphotography.com/shop/p/choi-hung
  6. Thanks for your idea. I can’t find where this JIG Settings is. Can you let me know how to get there?
  7. Site URL: https://stephenchowphotography.com I am using a 7.1 template. On my product page, I have set the product image to appear in a lightbox when clicked on. On desktop, the photo displays correctly without cropping. In the mobile browser, the photo gets cropped. Is there a way to make the full image display? Attached is an example of the product image before clicking, and how it displays cropped when in the mobile lightbox.
  8. I am also having this problem. Any tips on how to always show all categories at the top of the page? https://maroon-viola-rzmk.squarespace.com/shop password: getty
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