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  1. Images of my current site. v7.1 1st image shows my main shop page with all categories visible in top view. 2nd image shows category page in this case "spirit eye collection" as you see only "all pieces" remains visible from the category list, all other categories disappeared. 3rd image, if I set categories to side view. Again the main shop page shows all categories listed. 4th image, the category page in this case "spirit eye collection" keeps all categories in view, with the category in view highlighted (yes this is good), however, there is a header line "all/" that is confusing and I would like to remove. So, to recap, in category top view, I would like all categories to stay in view when you click on one of the categories, with the current view highlighted. In side view, I want to remove the header line that links to the "all/" since it is already listed in the category list field.
  2. EDIT: My site is 7.1 and apparently this feature was removed, while standard on the previous versions. Does anyone have code to make this possible for 7.1 Thanks
  3. I have the categories set to top bar navigation. I would like the category navigation (all the categories) to remain in view on each category page (not product pages), with a highlight on the current category the viewer has clicked. Currently on my site when you click a specific category, the entire listing of categories disappears leaving only "all pieces /"* and the category you are on. *Further, I don't understand where the slash mark is coming from either as it is not part of my naming and I would like to remove the slash.
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