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  1. Ok if its too hard to do a drop down list on mobile then id like to make it so it looks like the image below! Where they're stacked. Let me know
  2. Yes I've now included it! Please let me know what you think .
  3. It didn't appear to work! Here's the link to the Shop Design page. Id like the category drop down to appear for all three of my shop pages. Wellness, design & beauty. https://www.fromyourmuse.com/designshop
  4. I'm having the same problem with my navigation stacking when a browser window is smaller. Is there a way to have the scale of the words go smaller to accomodate a smaller browser size so that the stacking does not occur?
  5. Hi! I am looking to make my shop categories on mobile a dropdown menu instead of a horizontal left scrolling list. This is only for Mobile not desktop view. Let me know if theres a custom CSS for this. Thank you!
  6. I also have this question for my site. I have a headline banner and it doesn't adjust the size to fit on mobile. How do I accomplish this? My url is fromyourmuse.com and I'm trying to fix the image on my About page
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