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  1. @tuanphanWere you able to revisit. Further thoughts and suggestions?
  2. Your site require a password to access. Other developers will need to this to be able to review your site for further assistance.
  3. Would you kindly provide further details as to what elements you are are trying to code, what the desired effects would be, what is currently happening, as well as posting the code that you are using on your site so that other developers can investigate further.
  4. @tuanphanYes please. They are still not rendering correctly. The padding puts extra space around the buttons, still is not rendering the full background-image, and shifts the position when the copy goes from one line to two. Example: https://lakerenfaire.com/virtual-faire-events/italian-mask-making
  5. Was able to get this to work after search the site more in depth for coding that I previously applied to another section. I should note that this code did not work when placed on the page in Advanced>Code Injection and only worked when put in Design>CustomCSS. Here is the code that worked for the background color and the various text contained in that section: //changes the color of the section background #content #education-links-section { background-color: rgba(48, 157, 216,1) !important; color: white; } #content #education-links-section h1{ color: white !important; } #co
  6. Site URL: http://lakerenfaire.com/ Ciao Everyone! I have been able to make the change to the buttons site-wide to use the styling of a "background-image" to replace the buttons on the website. However, I am still have some trouble getting the buttons to format to the correct size. When using the "background-size" as "cover" the image does not display larger enough center the button text inside the button. Setting the the size to contain creates a very small image. Additionally I have have tried setting the size to auto and set parameters, but was still having to set a width which did st
  7. Site URL: http://lakerenfaire.com/ I am trying to find the right code to apply the "Index Scroll Nav: Show On Scroll" or "sticky navigation" to all pages on the site when scrolling down the page. This feature is available on the Pacific Template, but limited to and Index Page that has been set as the Homepage. Other Index Pages on the site or pages in general do not offer this option. How can this be achieved sitewide?
  8. Site URL: https://lakerenfaire.com/virtual-faire/ Ciao ragazzi! I am trying to change the background and button color of page within an index. This should be very simple css, but I am not getting seeing the change. Here is my code: <style> .collection-type-index #education-links {background: #309ed9 !important;} #block-3a71d41191937304e6bb .sqs-block-button .sqs-block-button-element--large {background: #495fab !important;} </style> Any help is appreciated.
  9. When tracking forms from different sources it is worth noting that you may have better transparency tracking origins through the use of separate forms each with their own unique name (i.e. Facebook Offer Form, Google Offer Form, etc.) Additionally you could consider sending the submissions from each form to a separate storage destination. To specifically answer your question however using the hidden fields you will need to update the URL slug you want to track by adding the tracking code to the end of the slug. /?SQF_<field-title>=<value> There is a full article on how
  10. Other members of the forum will be unable to help without a URL to review your page code.
  11. Sounds like you are trying to setup a redirect on submission. This existing thread may help you.
  12. @rwp That worked! I knew I was close. My title .summary-title tags are still not changing to white though even with the color set with important tag.
  13. Site URL: https://lakerenfaire.com/virtual-faire-invite Good Evening Squarespacers! I am working on a gradient overlay for a grid summary block and have successful positioned the Title and Excerpt over the images in the summary block. I cannot seem to get them to display on hover, however, and the website only displays the gradient and transition, but not the text. I feel like this is close but I am missing something. Here is my code: <!-- Rollover Image Effect --> <style> .summary-item img{position: relative; transition: all .5s ease!important;} .sum
  14. Site URL: http://lakerenfaire.com/ I am trying to redirect the backlinks at the top of individual events when you click the event. The backlinks are at the top of each individual event page as "Back to All Events" where they currently link to https://lakerenfaire.com/virtual-faire-nobility/ and should instead link back to the main page at https://lakerenfaire.com/virtual-faire/. Trying to figure out what I am missing to get this function as intended for each event. The current jQuery I am trying to use is as follows: <!--- events page backlink redirect for virtual faire --> &l
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