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  1. I was able to figure it out thanks! For these particular tweaks I replaced css with this JQuery for the click-able folder: https://www.adlyticmarketing.com/blog/squarespace-redirect-a-folder-click-in-navigation-menu And then this code to put a border around only the last folder: .Header-nav.Header-nav--primary span.Header-nav-item:last-of-type { border: 2px solid #fff !important; }
  2. Hi @tuanphan - thanks for taking a look. Yes ultimately I would want to target the "shop now" folder only with css customization, and I will be adding another folder to the menu that requires no customization.
  3. Site URL: https://www.waterloogin.com/ Hi - I have applied css tweaks to a dropdown folder in my navigation in a Squarespace 7 template. Now I would like to add a second folder in my navigation but have those css tweaks only apply to ONE folder (it will be the last/ 2nd one) and not applied globally. ---- Here are the tweaks I have applied to my existing folder: .Header-nav-folder-item:nth-child(1){display: none;} ---> to hide the first link in the folder so it clicks through to a separate landing page .Header-nav-folder-title { padding: 10px 20px !important; border: 2px solid #fff !important; } ----> to add border around the folder ---- I have tried using .Header-nav-item .Header-nav-item-folder:nth-child(2) before the code above to attempt to target only the second folder but it didn't work. For now, only the one folder is live on the site until I can figure out a solution. Greatly appreciate any and all advice.
  4. @creedon Thank so much, you rock. I tried inserting the code as directed and still not seeing results. Perhaps there is a simpler solution. There are only 3 states that need to be re-directed to a different page so right I have the form "submit" set to redirect to the URL that applies to all states except CA, TX and IL , this is what that code looks like from SquareSpace: <form data-form-id="5f8da955f46d167ee8ce5578" data-success-redirect="https://shoptreatyoak.com/" autocomplete="on" method="POST" action="https://hawk-sprout-ry8m.squarespace.com" onsubmit="return (function (form) { Y.use('squarespace-form-submit', 'node', function usingFormSubmit(Y) { (new Y.Squarespace.FormSubmit(form)).submit({ formId: '5f8da955f46d167ee8ce5578', collectionId: '5f8da8994339540352e6f741', objectName: 'page-5f8da8994339540352e6f741' }); }); return false; })(this);" id="yui_3_17_2_1_1603213358956_601"> Is there something that can be done to offer an alternate redirect when <option value="California">California</option> <option value="Illinois">Illinois</option> <option value="Texas">Texas</option>
  5. Correct, thank you @MoltoBello but I need to use multiple re-direct URLs, users will be redirected to different store fronts based on their state.
  6. Hey Thomas! Thanks for your response. I am designing the page right now, it's not finished, but here is a preview so you can get the gist https://www.treatyoakdistilling.com/shop-whiskey When they select a state from the drop down, they need to be sent to a different landing page based on their state. Let me know your thoughts!
  7. Site URL: https://www.treatyoakdistilling.com/ I am trying to create a custom form that will redirect users to different landing pages based on the selection they make. The form is a drop down asking visitors to select their state. I would like the form to re-direct them to a specific landing page based on which state they selected. Help!
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