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  1. align with name and email sorry i should have said
  2. @rwp that worked thanks a million how do I align the button too will that be soemthing liek this? [data-form-id="5f095b98687d657c9e7696fb"] .form-item button{ flex:0 48%;
  3. oh I´M so sorry i´m in an other web sorry is this one https://sarahernandezpsicologa.squarespace.com/ password: One
  4. aw i wanted it for the home page sorry should have said
  5. The code is no doing anything i try in the css and adddign a code box under the form and nothing happens
  6. wow seams well complicated is for a client so i might have to pass I´m not sure how to do java script but if you think is no that complicated ill apretiate your help tho I think many others might find this helpfull Thanks
  7. aww ok i thought so sense you are here @rwp is it a way to align the sign up form horizontal instead of vertical like side by side name and email rather than one on top of the other.
  8. yes thats what i want split the menu thnaks in advance if you help me with this
  9. what can i add to make this work for aligning logo in the middle of the header like this
  10. Site URL: https://sarahernandezpsicologa.squarespace.com Hi I´m looking to modify the form and align the boxes side by side can anyone help? password: ONE
  11. https://sarahernandezpsicologa.squarespace.com/ password ONE I want to aline side by side the name, email and button on the form. thank you
  12. Hi ! I was looking to do the same but just to align both fields side-by-side. I used this code in my ccs box and it didnt do anything. can you help. thanks.
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