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  1. yes that will be great. sorry having some laptop issues and was getting fixed. can we do that text under she just wants the image centered.
  2. ill like just the image of her on movil and the text to be readable on the left i try with setting max width but is no working.
  3. Hi @tuanphan I have the same issue but i have 2 images in the banner and will like the main image of her to be align in movil with the text on the side but the code im trying is no working and no sure how to move the text in movil to de side iliafrancis.com
  4. Site URL: https://iliafrancis.com/home Hi can anyone help me centre the image with the text, the picture aligns horizontally to the title but ill like to have it position in the centre of the whole text
  5. just the three collage image cards overlapping the title in mobil
  6. @creedon maybe you can help me with this 😄 no sure why the code above only worked once in one block I changed the block id but nothing
  7. hi @tuanphan I used this code and changing the #block-yoi number it worked but just in one card but when i try to copy and do the same with the other cards nothing happened. can you help. iliafrancis.com/home
  8. no sure what you mean. I still see it aligned to left on mobile. that code only changed the width.
  9. @creedon I have try some of this code to center the image but no luck. i mange to change de size of it for mobil with this code #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1615808058082_3767 {width: 40% !important; } but cant find the right code to align centre iliafrancis.com/linkinbio thank you
  10. Site URL: https://iliafrancis.com/home Hi, couldnt find this question which it might be answer but cant figure how to increase the size of the logo in mobile in this template, also remove the withe banner behind that only appears in mobile
  11. Yes it worked thank you. do you know how to add a button to the header?
  12. Site URL: https://iliafrancis.com/home i dont want the font to be the same as the border can't seam to find the place to go maybe CSS needed. Also im using Sonora and will like to add a button to the header right corner. can i do this with css?
  13. i want image text, image text like the ones above squarespace should really figure this one out always happens when the image is on the right thank you
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