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  1. No problem, tinkering with it. I'm thinking the solution isn't sticky now... Trying to get both columns to scroll together until aligned at baseline, as seen on THIS SITE for example. Inspecting their code shows a fixed position column with variable top... Thank you for your help @tuanphan !
  2. Seems to work for all posts @tuanphan !! Although the left column sticks halfway and continues after additional scrolling. Any way to make scrolling seamless to stick at the end of the content only?
  3. Looks amazing, @tuanphan any way to make the code applicable to all blog posts, not just the one? Thank you!!
  4. Looking for help with a blog post layout. I'd like the first column (text) to stop scrolling when the end of it's content is reached while the second column (images) continues scrolling. Any help would be very much appreciated! Website HERE password: mochimochi
  5. Thanks so much @tuanphan this is working for grid gallery sections. How can I also apply to grid gallery blocks? https://www.pjroytaiko.org/inspired-costume-design password: FreeSpirit thank you thank you!
  6. Hi @tuanphan I'm also hoping to apply this same 3 to 1 column on mobile for grid-simple gallery sections across my site, such as gallery sections on the page below: https://www.pjroytaiko.org/pj-roy-story password: FreeSpirit Thanks so much in advance!
  7. https://heron-chartreuse-edkb.squarespace.com/our-story Site/Page Password: chartreuse-edkb Generic accordion block at the bottom.
  8. The accordion dropdown opens on click with transition-duration: 1.2s and the content fades in according to the general site animation settings. I'd like the content within the dropdown to fade slower than the rest of the site, preferably one line at a time, when the dropdown is triggered. Is this possible?
  9. Amazing! Thank you thank you thank you for helping with this odd issue - now we see a bit of grey before the video instead of the mobile fallback flashing for half a second. Awesome.
  10. Indeed; looks like that 's' was missing; rest of the code is the same for Core 3.5.1. I'm using minified version; tried uncompressed & slim as well - still nothing!
  11. Ya, I noticed after I posted; had it right the first time! Pointing to a wikimedia commons blank .jpg now but still nothing...
  12. Same question here. Wordpress seems to have a straightforward plugin but all I can find for SS are opaque third-party sites like zapier & automate.io that, as far as I can tell, don't cover the actual embed situation, i.e. the webinar/meeting isn't actually hosted on SS. Only embed options I've found so far are Youtube Live (free) and Vimeo Livestream (paid). Haven't tried these yet but eyeing this tutorial: How to Create a Webinar for Free
  13. Hm... Can't get it to work... tried injecting jQuery in site-wide header & footer, as well as page header both with it's own <script> tags & without as in attached screenshot.
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