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  1. Site URL: https://www.golivehq.co/shop/jada-squarespace Hi guys! How can I create this 'scroll in image' function? It's further down on this page https://www.golivehq.co/shop/jada-squarespace. I attached a screenshot for reference. Thanks!
  2. Hi guys! Any recommendations for a photo gallery plugin that will automatically split itself into pages on the page? I devised a way to do it manually: https://www.kingdomgarten.org/news-events/cpforum2020 but my client has been finding it tedious because he has hundreds of photos that he uploads to each event blog post. Thanks!!
  3. Hi guys! Need a bit of advice for this as I haven't done an online store before. I have a potential client who runs a small food business and he'd like to offer online ordering for delivery. I know Squarespace offers integration with ChowNow but it's so expensive considering my client currently has less than 5 items. Also, can I use the native SS e-commerce function for this? Thanks! 🙂
  4. Thanks so much! It works but the columns are uneven and the hover underline of the last item in the first column appears at the top of the second column. How strange!
  5. Site URL: http://www.gmc.org.sg I found the code from another thread and put it into my site: [href="/connect"]+.Header-nav-folder, [href="/ministries"]+.Header-nav-folder, [href="/resources"]+.Header-nav-folder { column-count: 2; } It works beautifully, only that the Ministries folder falls off the page and the Resources one doesn't work (screenshots attached). Is there a way to solve this? I removed the code for the 'ministries' item on the site so that it wouldn't be live. Thanks!
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