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  1. Hi Vanessa. I LOVE your art! The thing I see here is site map/content hierarchy. Your art is frankly awesome. Why hide it behind 4 big category pix. Most visitors don't know you, so breaking the flow in taking a decision right upfront is asking a leap of faith right away. I would put 12 to 16 products on the home page, THEN 4 blocks offering to "explore more" by categories. Doing so also allow you to switch Portfolio and Shop in the header. (Portfolio yet present another leap of faith.) And I would rename "shop" with something along the line of "Artworks" or "My work". That way, the site would present content in this way: 1 - Home: with a selection of your finest work. 2 - My Work: without clicking on it I understand there's more good stuff behind that button. 3 - Portfolio: ok, there's so much stuff here that there's a portfolio... even more good stuff to discover! A hero banner with something beautiful might work but do not make it so we have to scroll to see the first products row. My 2 1/4 cents.
  2. I very much like the look of your site. The only obvious caveat I see is content hierarchy. It took me a while to understand you're selling photography service. I thought you were an e-commerce store. So, to fix this I'd suggest having your headline using the nail polish spot. Same block size with air around the headline! Then reorder/resize pix accordingly. My 2 cents like we say.
  3. Here's one for a business I've been having for a couple of years. It has been made by hand.
  4. Hi there, Having fun with Squarespace 7.1 for the first time. Is there a way to generate a number of unique discount codes in batch? It is important for us to generate unique discount codes for our members. Creating them one by one is looooooooooong. So we're looking for a way to generate them in batches, and ideally export them from Squarespace for easier distribution. Alternatively, we're open to import coupons if this is also possible. Patrick
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