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  1. Sorry I'm not sure what you mean, what code should I add there?
  2. @brandon, Thanks so much code works great and is so flexible, the hover effect affects the whole gallery not just the one image. thoughts? https://tammy-hudgeon-online.squarespace.com/paintings-test password: hover
  3. Site URL: https://www.devourcatering.com/devour-store/fantastic-fathers-day I'm looking to have related products filter more specifically. I would like a product to have two categories: The event (father's day) and (Addon) so the related products underneath would be Bother fathers day related AND addon related. the store I'm building has events that have specific addons that we don't want available to other products. BUT there are general addons the should appear globally (booze for example would show up as an addon under both father's Day AND a picnic product.. right now it
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