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  1. With regards to your question about not showing up in search results, here are my thoughts. It is normal practice for Google to index a new site in approx. 3-4 weeks after launching. So yes it is still early days. That said, every site owner wants their site to show up on page 1 results. Google ranks/rates all websites on approximately 200 signals to determine where the site will be placed in search results. The reason for all these signals is because Google continually fine-tunes its search results. Google has the reputation as a search engine that gives fast relevant results. In order for your site to show up on google, you need to ensure you are following these ranking factors. SEO is a long term process/strategy that pays off. Put in the work on a regular basis, and you will be rewarded. Good Luck!
  2. There are foundational SEO activities that every business should prioritize Create rich authoritative content for your site. The average home page has 1900 words on it Have a good website that is built on a platform that is SEO / Google friendly. It needs to be responsive, secure, easy to navigate, and have clear contact information Check your HTML for best SEO practices. Use free tools such as Yoast and All in One, to uncover areas for improvement. Get links for your site (“Do follow links” - Google this for a definition) Links are used by Google to rate the quality of your site. Links from high domain authority and high page authority websites will enhance your authority with Google and improve your placement in search results Claim your GMB (Google my Business Page). This page is considered by Google to be every business’ landing page. Add to your GMB weekly - photos, videos, hours, reviews, post questions with answers Ask customers to review you. Do this consistently and build your reviews If this is too much for you to take on, consider hiring an expert in your city
  3. Just leave them because that’s not going to hurt your site in any way. In this case, what new GSC is reporting is what’s happening with your site and giving you some information to improve your site. They are blocked by the robots.txt file and the Google bot respects robots.txt and does not crawl those pages but they will be indexed in a scenario when those URLs could be linked to from other pages on your site. In this situation Google will index if they are linked to from external url source as well. Better to click the "Fix Coverage issues".
  4. Short answer is no, MarksmenStudi provided the link for more detailed info on that. It's better for you to focus more on the content quality and doing keyword research. By doing keyword research you will be able to see how competitive the keywords you are using in your niche and topic are and then you can adjust accordingly.
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