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  1. Search console will often flag only a few posts for issues like these, even if all of the posts have the issue.
  2. Basically, no. You may find this post I wrote helpful though: https://www.marksmen.studio/blog/tags-categories-squarespace-seo
  3. @grabbitmedia There are some problems with SEO in Squarespace but you still do very well if you follow best practices. I review some of these issues in my article: What's True About The Myth About Squarespace SEO: A Review
  4. @homemadebetty For a complete article on using tags (and categories) for SEO in Squarespace, take a look at my article, How To Use Tags And Categories For Squarespace SEO
  5. Keywords and keyword research can be a bit tricky. I wrote a guide to using keywords on Squarespace you may find helpful: Keywords Made Simple For Squarespace SEO
  6. @notjaya You can't change title tags for category or tag pages. For more on using tags and categories for SEO in Squarespace, see my article, How To Use Tags And Categories For Squarespace SEO. https://www.marksmen.studio/blog/tags-categories-squarespace-seo
  7. This is the notorious trailing slash problem with SEO in Squarespace @naomipeta . For a discussion of it among other Squarespace SEO issues you can take a look at my article on the subject, What's True About The Myth About Squarespace SEO: https://www.marksmen.studio/blog/squarespace-seo-review
  8. Unfortunately @Thorpeedo you have run into one of the significant problems of doing SEO on Squarespace. I discuss this issue (it is number five) in this article of mine on Squarespace SEO problems. And no, you cannot override the meta description Squarespace provides, which is derived from the product description. https://www.marksmen.studio/blog/squarespace-seo-review
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