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  1. This has never happened before with squarespace, using git push to push some very minor changes to my live site is not taking effect, and when I make small changes to the site .less files the css disappears sitewide. at first I thought that maybe I was pushing some bad code, but upon further investigation I saw that there was nothing wrong with what I changed. on site.less I changed the background color from white to blue. On a different file, on a .block file, I added an extra list item to an already existing list. background-color: white !important; background-color: #AADFFF !important; To me this looks a lot like a cache problem, and upon further inspection I saw that this had happened with before for other people when they pushed to their site, However they did not appear to get a clear answer. Does anyone know how to fix this? or how to clear the site cache on squarespace? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/45619962/squarespace-developer-mode-irrecoverably-breaks-site-after-git-push
  2. Site URL: https://nectarine-circle-ngf5.squarespace.com/ https://nectarine-circle-ngf5.squarespace.com/ password: apod Here is the site URL, the problem i am facing at the moment is quite an odd one... So first of all Using CSS I changed the header to have an image behind it. .Header--top { display: none; background-image: url("https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5e28e3821bc1146fbddc88f8/t/5e36482d21662377966f68f8/1580615725729/Base.png"); background-size: 100% 100%; } What I am trying to do is make it so that the image goes behind the navigation, however when setting the header z-index to higher values nothing happens. Behind the navigation there is a white background and I am finding out that is the the background color of the whole page. I am really hitting a lot of walls here if anyone could help.
  3. I know this is not quite normal, but I know there must be a way to do it. I have a few products in a gallery wall on my site, when I click them they pop up into a Lightbox where you can scroll through them. It shows the description along with the image. Does anyone know if it is possible to have an image block somewhere else on the page change as you select different gallery images? I was hoping that along with the gallery image, I could have the gallery descriptions change the contents of some text beside the image. In theory it doesn't seem like it should be all that hard... Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. @tuanphanI looked through many of the options on Codecanyon and Codepen, I will use these if I do not have any success in an idea I came up with. When you have a grid gallery block and you enable Lightbox it pops out at you and gives you the option of adding a title, description and link. If I could make it so that selecting an image on the grid gallery would change the image and text of a card image layout then that would give me exactly what I want. Do you know how to do this? Make a selected gallery image change an image on the page? Either way thanks for all your help.
  5. Thats the thing, thats just from a .psd mockup image, not an actual website. @tuanphan If I had an actual website to work with then it might be easier for me to tear off all the CSS and javascript. I do not. These people want me to do things with Squarespace that I do not think Squarespace is meant to do, its never been a "you do your design" platform...
  6. Right now I am making a website for someone and they want a very specific design. They have a number of product pages and on the homepage they want a little gallery block that shows several of the most popular ones. But in this gallery block they want a blurb of whats on the product page, as well as a button that takes you to it. They also want the other featured pages to be displayed off to the right. I am attaching an image of what I mean, I realize that it may require a lot of CSS and javascript but does anyone know how they would go about approaching something like this?
  7. @tuanphan Sorry to message you on Christmas, and I realize i checked this question as solved, but upon actually using the Nav for a link, the links were inaccessible unless I changed position:absolute to position:relative or something else. here is the the site https://grasshopper-rose-xsw2.squarespace.com
  8. Ok I have used squarespace for quite a while, and often times when trying to make a specific design that someone requested its not east, i have had to craw through many custom CSS hoops and the help I have received is sure helpful, but not always timely. So i am going to make this simple, I have 4 days to complete this site from start to finish. It's a big site, and honestly I don't know if i can pull it off, but i'm asking you, anyone who reads this PLEASE HELP. 🤯 Which template should I use for a design like this? It is a commerce site with product pages, images behind the text, and colored backgrounds in front of the images. different types of buttons, a navigation above the main navigation, and a clickable video on the homepage banner. The first image is the product page, the second is the homepage.
  9. @tuanphan someone please help me out here. Here is the link, https://grasshopper-rose-xsw2.squarespace.com It is the products tab. I am not seeing any way to do this without changing the whole template 😣
  10. I want to do this with Bedford, and I am not the only one either. The thread is archived so I cannot respond now. My client really wants clicking on the folder to take them to a menu page, while the dropdown links take them to the individual pages within the menu page. There has got to be a way to do this in bedford! I assume it is because bedford automatically makes it so that when you click it, it takes you to the first link.
  11. I made several index pages and I wanted to put them into a folder so you can see them in a dropdown in the navigation. I am using the bedford template. I am not seeing any way to do this normally, so is there anyway to do this with custom code?
  12. Alright thanks for the suggestion @lu.diehl I put this code in the block: <img src="paris.jpg" alt="Paris" class="center"> and put this code into the CSS .center { display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; width: 50%; } This centered the code block image.
  13. https://grasshopper-rose-xsw2.squarespace.com/products password is addonsystems
  14. Hey thats an idea. I might just do that if I cannot find a way to center a code block image. Thanks. @tuanphan do you know of a way to do this with images in the code blocks?
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