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  1. Sorted! Thanks @MagneM it worked. I had missed something out
  2. Hi all, I would like to add some extra content at the bottom of my blog page, like a summary block or a gallery But the Brine template, set on grid, doesn't let me add any type of content. All I see are my blog posts. Is there a way around this? Thanks,
  3. Hi, I was wondering if there is any way to add a summary block (to show related blog content) AFTER the social icons on a blog post. I don't want to put it before because I believe the sharing CTA should be directly below the content to share, not way down the page.. My template is Pedro, from the Brine family Thank you,
  4. Thank you @MagneM but it's already like that and the black still appears.. Anything else I can try?
  5. ahhhh, ok thanks for this 🙂 Here it is then: https://quiet-ly.com/home Please be aware it's a work-in-progress
  6. Thanks Paul, but I have a Coming Soon page that unfortunately gets de-activated if I set up a password-protected site, which I don't want to happen..
  7. It's not live yet, but the description above should be plenty!
  8. Hi, Anyone knows how to add layers of images like on this page? https://thedenizencowinnie.squarespace.com/ I would like to add an image like the one in the background here, which does not take the whole width of the screen and sort of sits behind the image blocks.. I've tried with a png - adding my image on a clear background but I was wondering if there might be a better, easier way? Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone, My main content's background colour is a very light grey, on the whole website. Yet, when I add a banner image to an index page, I can clearly see that the background turns to black behind the image. (default colour from my template - Pedro, Brine family). It means the page is black until image loads.. Anyone knows how I can fix this? It doesn't look like there is any easy way to do this in the Design panel so I'm thinking some sort of code with my background colour's hex code and important! but I don't know the rest of the code I would need.. 🙂 Thank you!
  10. Amazing, I was trying to do exactly the same thing. Thanks you saved me a lot of time!
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