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  1. Site URL: https://www.kogarahclubhouse.com.au/ Hello, I need to update some images on my site. I've been able to update everything except the images contained in the Gallery blocks. It doesn't give me any option to open the gallery at all. I can edit all the other blocks except the gallery ones.
  2. Hey Duncan, does MemberStack provide the ability to tailor the content for each member/client?
  3. Hey HeatherLeigh, no I haven't found any solution yet! I suspected that MemberStack wasn't providing the option I'm after but just wanted to make sure. Let me know if you find anything and I'll do the same. 🙂
  4. Site URL: http://mmd.com.au Hello everyone! We are looking at adding a client portal to our Squarespace website. We are a marketing agency and have recurring clients - we need them to be able to login onto a portal to access all info about our workload (specific to them). I'm currently looking at memberstack and memberspace but would like to hear about people's experience using similar tools. We need to be able to create a login for each client and for them to see content that is specific to them. Thanks! Marie
  5. I'm following this thread too. My clients are not likely to pay online, they will pay via invoice. Because of this, the PRODUCTS functionality is not of any use for me. According to Squarespace the PRODUCTS feature assumes an online transaction will take place. Squarespace please come up with a solution!
  6. Hi Gareth, Their original website is on Joomla and the landing page I'm building is on Squarespace. I want them to eventually have their new full website on Squarespace. Cheers. Marie
  7. Hello, One of my client hates his current website so he asked me to build a simple landing page while I work on a full website that will go live later. The landing page is ready and I'm about to connect it via GoDaddy (it's an .au website so I'm connecting not transferring). I'm currently thinking that trying to create the new website in the unlink section and then moving the pages to make the site goes live is going to be too complicated and might disturb the live landing page. Should I just create a new site and transfer the domain again once I'm ready? I also trying to think about the best strategy for billing for my client. Hope this make sense! Thank in advance for your help 🙂
  8. Thank you for your answer Colin! All of the items? I did it for the second CNAME and then it was giving me a warning so I didn't dare go ahead.
  9. Hi all, Here is my saga: I'm setting up a new website for a client, migrating from Wordpress to Squarespace (www.slide.com.au). My client originally point me to a company named Digital Pacific for everything DNS. Long story short, these people tell me that it has nothing to do with them but with Cloudflare. My client doesn't have any login details for Cloudflare or has any idea of when or why this was set-up. To regain access to the CF account, they ask me to change the nameservers - which I find out out of the blue, are with Netregistry. I was able to get access back to the Coudflare account and made the DNS changes requested by Squarespace in order to connect the domain. Attached is what I see on both end. The Cloudflare end seem ok but Squarespace is still showing errors. What can I do to solve this? Does this have anything to do with Netregistry? Thank all.
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