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  1. https://www.delmialvarez.com/anthropogenic this page.
  2. Ok, thank you for take your time. It looks like WELL template, being one of the best, is in the ostracism by sqs. Have a nice time.
  3. Hi, the page is not linked but is public: www.delmialvarez.com/test I checked and it works. Maybe I should password to access the page? Thanks
  4. Hi, the carousel is in a test page : https://www.delmialvarez.com/test When in design apply for "stacked" there is caption below the each image. When I apply for design carousel there is not caption below the image. Thank you for your help, appreciate.
  5. same question here. Anyone can help with CSS code? thanks
  6. my site is www.delmialvarez.com but the code is not working anymore. I wrote Squarespace team to improve the question as Christina said, caption below the image and not on the left in navigation side and they replied regarding to move to 7.1, but in 7.1 there is not WELLS template, so, i don't will move. Anyone can help with a CSS code? thanks
  7. But i have a most importan question ina. new topic about the effect of the. transition between images. I took as reference this site gallery: https://www.jefferysalter.com/Landscapes/1 MY question is what kind of CSS can do a similar transition between images from right to left instead to be a FADE effect like i have now here: https://www.delmialvarez.com/borders-of-europe-with-rusia
  8. THIS ONE OR ANYONE IN MY SITE: https://www.delmialvarez.com/borders-of-europe-with-rusia
  9. Site URL: https://www.jefferysalter.com/Landscapes/1 Hi all, Wells template is my best template to show my work. I look for a transition effect like this one https://www.jefferysalter.com/Landscapes/1 for gallery to see each image from right to left and not like actually sqs offer: www.delmialvarez.com images: The site is not a sqs but it doesn´t matter. thanks
  10. Thank you s¡so much for your help. I wrote you a message about asking how to change the transition in slideshow, from fade to scroll. in WELLS template. I didn´t find how to do that.. www.delmialvarez.com
  11. Yes, but the code is for injection and not CSS. I replied that my account is a basic plan. Thanks
  12. My site is www.delmialvarez.com Thank you for your time.
  13. Hi, I would like hide or remove the button ACTION more down in the cover page, near the social icons. thank you
  14. just clicking in the cover page (landing) and linked to a page in the site. I want to hide the button ACTION, but if remove or hide that button there is no more ways to enter in the pages. Thank u. Appreciate your help.
  15. Hi, thank you for your reply. I can´t see how to do that in sqs. My plan is basic and I don´t have code injection.
  16. Hi, thank you for your reply. I can´t see how to do that in sqs. My plan is basic and I don´t have code injection.
  17. they talk here about this issue : https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206545647-Wells-template#toc-gallery-pages after years, the issue is there.
  18. Hello, I have 7.0 sqs and i would like have mi cover page (landing) linked with a click to a page. my site: www.delmialvarez.com Any help is appreciate <best delmi
  19. Hi, I would like the cover page of my site www.delmialvarez.com clickcable without any action button. I was trying to follow your steps but i can´t get it. My idea is have a clean cover image, with my logo on top and only the image should be linked when click over to a page. As you can see in the ttachemdn there is an ACTIOn buttonn called ENTER. I would like hide the button and just made the image clickcable in the whole space to a page. Thank you for any idea, help or support. Best delmi
  20. Thank you Paul for your help and answer. A few more questions about this issue with the template, 1. There is another template like Wells that i can customize without had any problem? 2. I should chnage the version 7.0 to 7.1 to get improve in this issue of captions? All the. best
  21. https://delmialvarez.squarespace.com/namibia The caption by default in the gallery is in the left side below. In other link that is not a gallery it can be placed in the left side below the image: https://www.delmialvarez.com/sao-jorgeazores thanks
  22. Site URL: http://www.delmialvarez.com Hi all, As documentary photographer I need that captions of images in the galleries are below the image and not in the left corner below. Appreciate your help for a CSS code. All the best
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